james debate
james debate

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

First of all a very merry christmas to all of you! i love you all and will see you in person soon to make sure you had a merry holiday period :) have the best day possible and a great new years to boot!

The current state of affairs with my birthday party is that it probably wont be on my birthday, as Clio is not around then. Further more shes pushing me to do a date during the week as opposed to on the weekend for some reason, so what i must do is go talk to my neighbours to find a day when it would be most convenient, and then take it from there. So stay tuned, as soon as something is settled I will invite all of you.

It will be a... different looking guestlist i think. But just as good.

Im sorry. I can be a bad person sometimes. Believe it or not. Its a respect issue, and you know its a problem when you find yourself compelled to talk to someone more out of intellectual curiosity than real interest. It doesn't happen often I should point out.

But let's picture an example, im sure a few people can relate to; repressed feelings, complete denial and general confusion. Heck I actually got a speech from her a little while ago that honestly sounded like she had spent the last 3 weeks rehearsing it in front of her bathroom mirror about how she had only been 'pretending' to care. Needless to say if it took her 3 weeks to convince herself I wasn't convinced by 30 seconds of half embarrassed mumblings, but i digress. i think it'd be a bit rude to repeat them here but do ask, its quite funny. The bad part is my reaction. I was silent. I was trying hard not to crack a smile, but I let her think I was hurt. It wasn't mean spirited at the time I just really didn't know what to do. After years of the exact same shenanigans it gets a little predictable and at first I wasn't sure if she was just joking, aware of the irony, and its a little weird that she wasnt. She speaks these things in such a strained, fake, deliberate way that it becomes really hard to tell. The real joke is that she does all this with that unmistakable undeserved confidence in herself, and as someone who spent 5 years at Eton its something ive seen a million times.
She has somehow convinced herself into believing that I'm predictable and easy to manipulate. She actually said so to my face. She has no idea that I walked away from the station with a big grin on my face. But why ruin that for her, she seems to enjoy feeling like she has control over people :S

I can't tell you here what I really feel about the whole issue, but its a nice bit of closure when a girl loses her mystique and you actually feel slightly sorry, hence the first sentence of this post.

what I can say is how lucky a guy I am. i have that warm and fluttery feeling inside me that i havent had for several months :) there are a lot of really wonderful people in my life and one or two in particular who really put a smile on my face every time i speak to them. the complete polar opposite of the person mentioned above ^, i've met a girl whos stable, open and, hell, actually grown up! Its surprising how rare it is to find people like that. but here she is and it is truly a breath of fresh air. im supposed to keep this a little hush hush at the moment so i wont say much more, but ask and i shall tell.

I'm off to paris in a few days for much shopping and merriment. when i get back ill sort out more things, like concrete details on the party and the like, i look forward to talking to all of you in the coming days though as i am in good spirits these days.

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Thursday, 20 December 2007

First of all everyone go to this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBGIQ7ZuuiU
then google 'rick roll' and laugh.

You may have noticed I have not been writing many articles recently along with my personal posts. I apologise for this, it is down to a lack of free time to put into this.

This is a good thing though, its because of how busy ive been at the hospital, having fun. I'm off for the holidays though and I'll miss everyone there. Back at home meanwhile Jeremy is back, which is just as fun, as anyone who's seen the pictures from the recently attended Bloc Party concert (and is now hysterically jealous) can see.

It's not all smiles and sunshine though. It's amazing how some people never change, really. I almost had a right go at someone today for still playing the same insecure little games that made me sick years ago and still do. Just when it felt like there was a breakthrough someone's true colours come shining through and make you realise how foolish youve become. Nuts to that. This weekend i'm taking someone special out to a very special secret location, where there will be wining and dining and celebrities and blockbuster movies on 2 seater 'cuddle couches' by candlelight. ive wanted to go there for a long time, never had the right person to take til now :)

lets get some feedback, how much do we hate those annoying types who play games all the time? dont we all get a little tired of it or do some of us just lap it up?

So Fabio Capello, or 'Don' Fabio is our man (and cue relentless godfather jokes for the duration of his tenure). As everyone this side of the atlantic knows I was a big advocate for Mourinho taking the job and im upset that he decided not to, but that being said Capello will do as good a job if not better. And he's pretty cool too, a big kandinsky fan, bit of a hardass, and he wont put up with crap from underpeforming louts like gerrard or rio.

roll on world cup 2010

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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Well there has certainly been a lot going on this week, working in the hospital at st peters which is really an amazing experience, particularly at this one with such a freeform schedule, you can wander around and do your own thing when things are going a bit slowly on your own firm. I love the people at the firm too, a good group, one or two in particular i am becoming quite fond of lol. There is a certain young lady who has a bit of a thing for me, and this one is actually single, for once. We shall see where that goes, not sure what i want to do with that, but after all I have 4 weeks there, so no rush at all.

Then comes the hosuewarming party. This was the best party I have ever thrown, and there have been some good ones. Everything was so meticulously planned and executed to near perfection. The party room was magical and atmospheric, the kitchen served as a good hub for drinks, and the inevitable overflow into my room was kept under control. I thought we would have far too much booze, and indeed we did, and still have a bit left over. We had a great group coming over, and all lovely people, it was always going to be a success from the moment things kicked off.
After much effort on my part, far too much effort, i managed to convince clio to stay at the party, and i dare say shes glad she listened to me now after how her night turned out ;) I was however surprised to find that a certain someone I have always had a thing for, who i thought was unavailable seems to be an item with someone i thought was just a friend. If i had known she was 'on th emarket' as it were I would have acted upon it, and that was really the only disappointment in a night of otherwise pure bliss.
As all good house parties, this one had a very happy ending for me. Not going to give details, but the more andmore time goes on, the more im starting to worry it was a bad move, a silly risk to take, and something from which the only possible outcome was always going to be vaguely upsetting, especially after reaching such highs, only to be inevitably plunged back down to the depths, no matter how enjoyable it was. Am i rambling? porbably. It doesnt really bother me that much, just that i dont like it when something that i think is fairly special, with someone that means a lot to me, turns out to be a mistake in their eyes. There are good reasons for this to be the case I suppose, but it doesnt help much. i think what really bugs me are some of the things that were said between us udner the influence of alcohol, and you never know how much to really listen to. Id like to think most of it was true. At least to me it will always be a lovely end to an awesome night, and im not hung up on it like i was worried i might be. god i really am melodramatic arent i. fuck it lets stick to the good stuff, the party was a smash, we will do it again, possibly xmas.

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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Hey all, welcome back for another exciting update. Lots going on these days. First of all, got the iphone, its awesome, and whenever i whip it out it draws randomers to come commenting at me like a magnet, its so unreal the effect it has, and highly amusing. Also today I will write about new tv shows, the accursed tv writers' strike and more.

In other news the new flat continues to be awesome, in fact its shaping up better and better each day. My new bed spread is far too comfortable, i just cant get out of it in the morning. good thing as itll probably get a lot of use lol.
Along those lines we have a date for the housewarming party, which is going to be crazy. It will be next friday, the 23rd. If I haven't already i should be getting touch with you shortly about it.

Meanwhile I won't be around much longer, I'm going off to st peters hospital for my clinical attachment next week, which will last the next 4 weeks, after which im really looking forward to the concerts, football games, and my brother coming home over xmas, should be great.

got my schedule booked full with people coming to visit at the new flat, so ill see you soon, got lots to show you.
now if youll excuse me, im going to watch heroes, i love the british guy.

I'm not the only one getting majorly depressed about this, but the writers' guild of america have finally gone on strike, meaning no new episodes for tv shows are being written, and won't be until this strike is sorted out. This is dark news indeed for many of us, as most serialised shows such as lost and heroes are only written a few episodes ahead of what is currently shooting, which means these shows look like will have to end prematurely, after only 10 or so episodes as opposed to the usual 20 or so.
This is particularly devastating for new shows just starting to create a bit of buzz, such as pushing daisies, which havent yet got the required fanbase to warrant renewal, but it is thought that the unusual circumstances will be taken into account. Less affected are animated shows like family guy and the simpsons, which typically are written much further in advance than live action tv shows.

For your own information the last time there was a strike like this it was in the 1987/88 season and lasted 22 weeks. Thats almost half a year, a similar length would almost certainly mean no more new tv until next season, and it has been suggested that shows which have yet to restart, such as lost, may not return at all until then. Similarly Scrubs, now in its final season, may be without a finale.

I thik it's safe to say we are all praying that history does not repeat itself and we can all get back to normal asap.

Decided to do a double bill of reviews today just for the hell of it, a lot of new stuff to check out. Im going to start with the best.

The Iphone- the definitive review

In the buildup to this being released there has been a lot of mixed press. Most of it was hopeful, awash with awe at the cutting edge design and interface, and yet there was the odd article, even from within reputable tecchy sources casting doubt on the overall quality of this product. Things such as 'the screen wont look as good as in the adverts because it has low resolution' or 'the battery only lasts 40 minutes', etc.
It is my distinct pleasure to announce that pretty much all of this is bollocks. The screen looks astoundingly sharp and colourful, is precisely responsive, and a good size for watching videos, while the interface is not only intuitive but highly functional. The battery life has yet to fail me, even though i've been whipping this thing out at every opportunity to watch videos, browse the internet (more on that later), listen to music, map out my journey, check the weather forecast, take photos, take notes, the list goes on. From the moment you pick it up from the shops, the iphone is a feast for the senses. Every last detail has been given extra import, the box just feels... right... and when a product's box can impress me you know theres something good here.
The best thing about this phone, the one thing that will change your life the most, is the free, unlimited interenet, which can work either through wifi, or 'edge', apple's high(ish) speed phone-internet connection. It allows you to browse to your heart's content no matter where you are, which ends up making a bigger difference than you ever expect it to. Lastly the camera impresses, despite being weaker on paper than many other camera phones. The quality is very high indeed, and not at all grainy like many more powerful camera phones are; the only thing it lacks is a flash for night pictures.

However the phone is not perfect. The disappointing thing is that most of the bad things apple brings on itself. Most notably is the annoying and tedious activation you have to go through in order to make sure youre using valid sim chips on valid networks, followed soon by the annoying ringtone issue, whereby you can only use tracks from the itunes music store (completely idiotic when you think other phones can use just any mp3), and indeed most niggles continue in this fashion, the lack of 3rd party application support, going so far as to block out negating hacks in each update... what possible reason could apple wish to prevent the update of software that can add infinite functions and re-usability to its product, much like facebook apps have done for facebook, they wouldnt be liable afterall.

This is still the best phone, the best gadget and one of the best pieces of technology we as a species have yet constructed.

Pushing Daisies- new tv show

This is a brand new show which has been met with considerable success in just 4 episodes that have been broadcast in America. In a season blighted with poor performing new shows, poor performing returning shows (heroes) and the constant threat of strike (which has now taken place), this show has been one of the few big highlights, and even with the strike potentially bringing its debut season to an early close this is one show that is likely to be given another shot and renewed next year.
So what is it you ask? It is a show who's plot borders on the fantastic, about a man who can bring dead people back to life with his touch, but then kills them forever with a second touch. I'm sure you, like me, were not blown away by that plot description, but its not so much the premise that gives this programme its x-factor. The style, direction, characters, and every tiny little detail that appears on screen is so stylishly, and perfectly finessed into a tim burton-esque, dark, quasi-fairytale, that it becomes difficult to drag your eyes off the screen. Even the tiniest of guest characters are given a full vibrant personality with their own quirks, and this depth really adds something to the experience that comes across in spades.
Indeed, ultimately you are rewarded by a rich and well written tv experience that certainly makes this a show to watch out for.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

happy halloween everybody. love this day, a chance to dress up which as you all know i love to do. rag blood trail tonight should be a laugh and then of course friday has the reynolds halloween bop which is always fun. for hints as to what im dressing up as, go check the roundup for today. pics will be uploaded at some point onto facebook, as per usual.

so what else is up. im moving into my flat really soon, which is awesome cant wait. went tv shopping and found myself a nice 42 inch hi def number :) samsung of course, gotta support the team (plus they seem to be the best). i told my flatmate she would be safe from my blog so no comment on her. but itll be fun. looking forward to getting the housewarming party planning underway.

in other news i find it both amusing and yet highly frustrating to note once again that i seem primarily to attract girls who already have boyfriends (not mentioning names)... like seriously to such an extent that it's not even funny anymore. i havent the faintest why. im not really the sort of guy to do that kind of thing. ill admit i did once, but it was a mistake. let that be a lesson to you; get single, then we'll talk ;)

Following on from my dream feature last edition, I had another real classic a few days (possibly weeks) ago, since my last post. I will try to recall it now as it was truly fantastic... like you could write movies based on this one lol. i might be remembering this wrong so if i am then please anyone i told this to before feel free to step in and correct me but i think it went something like this: i was on a family vacation in some small eastern bloc looking town, where a neo-fascist regime rules the town with an iron fist, and controls them through putting something in the food and water to make them subservient. somehow i got swept up into the resistance movement and spent the rest of the dream infiltrating the enemy, crawling through the jungle (in the eastern bloc i know lol) sabotaging things and being generally espionagy. was sweet.

Lastly I can not recommend the game 'portal' highly enough. It is pure distilled gaming genius, and very short, only taking a few hours to complete. Also has the best theme song that a game has ever had during the ending, though you have to have played through the game to really enjoy it.

this is Dr. Acula, signing off wishing you all a happy halloween. Bwa ha ha ha, come see me for 1001 vampire related gags.
ciao x

a new section here, the 'how to' section, where i share with you articles of my immense and unparalleled wisdom. the first such article is a classic, one that i have been called upon to assist people with countless times. nowadays many people download resource consuming, spyware carrying, generally painful and crappy (and some times pricey) software such as tweakxp to do things such as this; but for those in the know it is much much simpler and can be done without downloading a single thing.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Click Start, Run and type Regedit.exe
2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile
3. Delete the IsShortcut registry value.
4. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\piffile
5. Delete the IsShortcut registry value.

You may need to restart Windows.

1. Click Start, Run and type Regedit.exe
2. Navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Shell Icons
3. In the right-pane, create a new String value named 29
4. Double-click 29 and set its Value data as: C:\Windows\System32\shell32.dll,50
(shell32.dll,50 is an empty icon)
5. Close Registry Editor.

To apply the changes instantly, follow this
6. Right-click Desktop, choose Properties
7. Click the Appearance Tab.
8. Click Advanced button
9. Choose Icon from the drop-down list
10. Set it's size to 31 and press OK, OK.
The changes will be applied now. Repeat the above steps and then set the Icon size back to 32 (defaults). The above steps are required to force Windows to redraw the icons. Even Tweak XP does this.

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Monday, 15 October 2007

I know i dont show you guys nearly enough love by posting more often, but its been an especially busy two weeks now, with freshers fortnight and everything (and a little medicine). Firstly about the rest of the fortnight since last post. It was excellent. Particularly that pub crawl was stunning this year, even exceeds last year's and probably the best event i've been to. At first i was skeptical about not having the palais any more and having to hold our own 'club' as it were down at south ken. However these fears were quickly dispelled, it was awesome, nothing but imperial students, like having a private club! Rejoining my team james comrades, we pushed steadily through the pubs, meeting freshers, spending time with my daughter and the usual reynolds crew. At some point along the way i ended up getting kidnapped by dave and tash and went over to dave's place for a few rounds of the subway game before comandeering a bus to south ken for the final, and probably best, stage of the evening. The remaining festivities were similarly enjoyable but not to such a high degree, the second week coming to a frankly disappointing conclusion in the absence of adam kay, who was such a riot last year.

In other news I have been having somewhat strange dreams recently. Won't give details here but theyre about someone i know, who has a boyfriend, who im pretty sure fancies me, but ive never really had much feeling for her before... hence my confusion. And generally it felt a bit weird the dream. I wonder what the purpose of such a dream is anyway. Someone once told me that dreams were the brain's way of consolidating information collected during the day, but i find this fairly hard to believe when you consider some of my stranger dreams. For example: swinging from a chandelier in an indiana jones style temple blasting zombies with a shotgun. I would love to hear what part of my day my brain was consolidating there. In fact I'd like to open up the floor here to what some of your strangest dreams are lol, see if they can top that one for awesomeness.

til next time

Well I have seen many productions in the theatre this summer, much to my enjoyment, most of which were of a very high quality and very recommendable, so here I will briefly go over a few of the highlights (hopefully with a little feeling). Maybe you can catch them if theyre still on.

Recently I saw moonlight and magnolias at the tricycle theatre, about a producer/director/writer team trying to write the movie 'gone with the wind', who lock themselves in a room for a week in order to hurry out a script to what they see as 'schlocky', money making rubbish, hence the rather starry-eyed title. Clearly this is a premise that suits theatre well, where scene changes are difficult, allowing the inclusion of very good detail in the set (i was keen eyed enough to notice american plug sockets on the walls on the set). The play itself is absolutely hilarious, well written and very well acted. To give a feel for the characters I would direct you towards the television show Seinfeld. The writer is jerry, the porducer is george, and the director is kramer. It is not like me at all to describe characters in a play using tv analogies but so fitting are those characters to this production, in appearance, mannerism and behaviour, that it is difficult to imagine the director of this play not having them in mind.

Next up is Parade at the Donmar, which as everyone knows is my favorite theatre; small, intimate, and bloody hard to get tickets for! This particular production was a musical, with what can only be described as an unusual choice for such a show: the persecution of an innocent jew for child rape and murder in the old south of america... right. Despite this you still get swept up in the emphatic and patriotic spirit of it all, in good humour, before getting sunk in the hippocrisy and injustice of it all, a good use of juxtaposition, though not as effective as in the production of the bacchae we saw at eton 2 years ago.

However saving the best for last is the Vanishing Number, at the barbican. Anyone who was with me to see the elephant vanishes will remember how masterfully done it was, with use of video and sound that was practically unparalleled anywhere else, leading to a surreal, almost dream-like experience. This production follows in a similar vein, also being a production by theatre complicité and comes off as highly impressive for doing so, as most of their productions are. The story revolves around the relationship of a mathematician and an american she meets at a lecture, who knows nothing about maths who, for reasons which dont become clear until the end, both become intensely fascinated with an historic indian mathematical progidy who went to oxford, coming up with the apparently revolutionary equation 1+2+3+4...+infinite= 1/12 (no i dont get it either, but was impressed i managed to follow the maths for at least a few minutes) and the two stories are told simultaneously, coming together at the bittersweet finale. Aside from containing extremely high production values, the writing and acting is very good, and consistently funny throughout right until the somewhat darker end, which you probably wont see coming until late on. A very high recommendation.

There were others I saw, but these three were probably the most notable that I can think of now.

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blog posters

'anonymous' posters ;)
devils and dust

p.s. if you get the pic reference... youre as big a geek as i am :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Well it seems to be the first thing people ask me these days when they see me, so let us get down the official 'debs approved' opinion on the departure of our beloved jose mourinho and the ensuing calamity for chelsea. it sucks. really does. mourinho was/is the best, and grant is just a patsy. Chelsea fans are used to seeing their team self destruct but i dont think anyone expected it to happen now during our golden age at the top of european football.
Abramovich is truly being ridiculous if he wants to run the club as he seems to. But that being said, I dont think its all doom and gloom like most people do. There is some form of logic behind the madness at stamford bridge, a desire for better football and a more positive image in the media. Even at our best times there were teams i feared playing against, barcelona in particular, and if Roman gets his way that will no longer be the case. The best way to combat these teams isnt to scrape 1-0 wins against them by having better stamina than them, it should be to out play them and run rings around them with passing movements. Avram Grant probably is not the man to deliver on this promise, but if, as is widely expected, he leaves us in the near future, I'm sure his replacement will be able to.

Well as usual a lots happened in the past month, so much so that I havent been posting, annoyingly. Yu'll all be glad to hear that everythings much quieter these days, drama-wise at least. Obviously its Freshers Fortnight now so i'm getting back into the habit of getting home at late hours in an inebriated state (especially with the bloody long commute i have to do) and then waking up to make the same commute barely a few hours later. fun stuff eh?
Am enjoying meeting all the new freshers, including my daughter and two adopted sons last night, though lets face it: no matter what, it would have been fun to get back to the reynolds for copious amounts of drinking after a long summer.
It's great to see everyone from my year again too. I don't like to mention names on here so much anymore now that too many people read this lol, but im sure most of you know how much ive missed someone these past few months, who i thought i had lost because i put my trust in the wrong person. Well seeing her again this year has been lovely as before, and she clearly missed me as much too, so it's fantastic that thats all gotten back to normal and been sorted. It's not all so glorious at the other end of the spectrum however. I was very shocked this week to find myself being completely screwed over by someone who i had previously thought to be a pretty good and loyal friend, but tuned out to be quite ungrateful and generally pretty thoughtless. More than that though, it just amazes me how i always see people making the same dumb mistakes over and over, going back to people who just use them and treat them like garbage. i guess this is how you learn who's really worth your time.

anywho, if you havent already go look at my latest costume on facebook, apparently im getting a bit of a reputation for that lol. what can i say, i like to earn my discount at costume parties! tonight is the pub crawl, which if its like last year, will be awesome. my esteemed flat mate doesnt seem to want to go though so am trying to figure out who else is going. Some people are useless with phones though, cant wait until i move into my new flat :D

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Saturday, 8 September 2007

Of course I may call it a fortress of solitude but my new flat, when eventually it is up and running, will only partially fit that description. The more I look at places the more I can see the wisdom of taking my large budget that I had, until recently, been looking to spend in Chelsea on a small place, and spending it on a much larger place near all the other medics, have the most pimpingest flat. Reminds me of Eton days when everyone would come to my room because of all there was to do there, though obviously i recognise the difference in convincing people they want to walk two doors down the hall to my room and doing the same when i live a few streets away. People are lazy, and I'm one of the worst :P

And I have indeed got the best flatmate. She was originally the first choice of course until that fell apart. Indeed since then there have been numerous suitors, many of whom (understandably) were reluctant to pay the high prices I had been looking for, but really I can't think of many other people I can see myself living with comfortably as with her. We're similar people and typically we get along great. I hope that nothing else comes between us again.
She does however request that I leave anything personal about her off this site. Actually I didn't know she ever looked at this thing, good thing I havent been slagging her off or anything :P. I of course will oblige but lets be clear that i pretty much only feel the need to write about things that interest me or piss me off, and the state of her hair generally does neither of those things ;)

Meanwhile it's been a crazy busy week, I need a good rest. I've spent pretty much every waking hour down in south london looking at flats, and in my infinite wisdom decided to see friends while I was down there, leading to complete exhaustion and falling asleep last night at an insanely early hour (11). It has been informative though. I know the area extremely well now, and quite frankly the best way to hunt for flats is to see as much as possible, and now I have seen some excellent properties, ranging from ultra modern portered buildings next to fulham broadway with underground parking, to old victorian mansions with tennis courts (surprisngly the cheapest). The latter is looking promising, though I must admit i worry about the lack of anything interesting in that area as far as restaurants and shops go.
Quite entertainingly one of my real estate agents clearly fancies me lol. Surely just her way of getting a sale but she is expressing a worrying amount of interest, going so far as to calling me today for no particular real estate-based conversation, more of a general chat about personal life. Tis funny, and nice, a shame i wont be following up on her properties, wonder how she'll react when i tell her.

So what else is there... I'm missing someone a lot right now, and her name begins with an 's'. It's not what youd expect, i really just hope we can go back to being good friends like before. I'll do anything I can to earn her trust back. I feel awful still because I trusted the wrong person and let her push me and 'S' apart. A lot of things I wish i could take back that i did last year, that one takes the biscuit. Her best friend doesnt like me very much either for some reason :S. Shocking considering the kind of lying riff raff she associates with. I still continue to have faith that people like these get their comeuppance in the end. To me it seems like they do usually. So I just hope. Those who take the time to get to know me realise what Im really like, so thats very heart warming, especially when it goes so far as to have carol's friends apologising to me for things theyve said/done because of her. You are all forgiven :) Carol is forgiven too, so long as she can just leave me alone now.
I feel somewhat unsettled at the moment, possibly because its been a really long and busy summer designed to cause settling of a world that was fast getting out of hand. That being said things are still on the up every day, and I think people now are seeing me return to my former peppiness and easy goingness that was taken from me last year. I am sorry about this because it feels to me like i let a lot of my usual personality traits slip last year with the stress certain people piled on me, I think the worry that this may have done too much damage is what is leading to my unsettled feel. Im sure all will be fine with a little time though.

I have mentioned to a few that I will be having some form of champagne based housewarming, so stay tuned for that!

Let's get something straight; England, as a footballing nation, have not been amongst the best for a long time. Indeed we haven't officially been the best since one fine day in June 1966. Forgetting all the whining about a goal that perhaps shouldnt have been, when we won by two anyway, it was one of the finest moments in English history. It pains all of us to see the team in a state as it is now. We were good at Euro 2004, we were good at World cup 2002. People who were so quick to blame sven for all our problems clearly did not take notice of this fact. They complain we only reached the quarter finals of these competitions... well to be honest that's sounding pretty good right now, its not easy to get that far and considering how overrated english players are (alan smith, kieran richardson, carrick, none of them are worth the attention they get. If they were german they'd be struggling) Perhaps a quarter final is something to be pleased with. It also doesnt help when time and time again the better players are overlooked until theyre the last possible resort (joe cole, hargreaves and shaun wright-phillips in particular).

To compound this nightmare of affairs we have a smiley, creepy manager who looks like hed be sticky to touch. He is useless, that a man who lost 7-0 in his last season before becomign england manager can be appointed to such a post is a travesty, especially in the presence of so many more talented competitors. But can we blame this man completely? I would direct attention to world cup 2006, where a sven who, for all his faults, did produce a team that looked strong, looked in control at each of his previous two finals, ended up with a lazy, completely gormless bunch of louts, joe cole, john terry and hargreaves aside. Noting this it really is fair to point out that we haven't gotten worse with maclaren, so let's hold the blame for a second.

So what is the problem? well there are so many. These players are overconfident and jaded. The FA is useless. The media and public thrusts insane pressure and expectation on these far from exceptional players. Players are trained very differently to other European countries, more emphasis on stamina than skill or technique. Crucially, the clubs coerce the players into prioritising them above the national team, which is absolutely absurd, but you can see where theyre coming from. Frankly any player who agrees with this should not be allowed to play in the team. It is an honor to be selected and should not be approached as 'just another game' it is a fight for your country, all your friends, your family. It is a BIG deal... and yes, the manager is pretty pathetic too.

This is an extract from something i wrote a year ago that i never really did anything with. It did however gain mention at the gardner cup at eton. This is the intro:

I think it scared me, watching the world pass by. But that's exactly what happened, sitting there in the square. Time had been left to do its work on this secluded town unchecked, and nowhere was this more evident than here, the absolute centre of life for the denizens of Castellina in Chianti.
A church stood tall, the dominant feature of the town, looking down on the other buildings. A large Oak door provided the entrance, its surface chipped and worn, its colour faded, a large rusted handle no longer swinging proudly, now stiffened into its resting position. Of all the stone statues that used to guard this house of prayer with their cold eyes, only one remained intact.
However, in stark contrast to the crumbling square, a town flourished with life. On this New Year's Eve, I sat in that square taking in all the features surrounding me. Music resounded through the streets, a local band playing old favourites to the dancing crowds.
It was a warm Tuscan night, with barely a light breeze passing over us. Our tipple, a 1997 bottle of Chianti Classico Reserva, was fast coming to a finish. I poured the small remainder into two glasses and toasted to another wonderful year with you by my side. Your hand clasps mine, and my mouth stumbles, with words I need to say, words that must be heard. But you know them, you kiss me, you softly say, "Just watch the fireworks."

short i know, ill post more another time.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

So once again the premierleague campaign is upon us, and indeed it has been an interesting one. Man City making an early bid for europe, man united making an early bid for relegation... not something that would have been predicted, but obviously it is still early days yet and it remains to be seen which teams have it in them to last the full haul of the season.

It comes as no shock, and yet i find it highly bemusing, that Steve mclaren, england manager who decided to mark his entry to the international scene with some major and shocking changes to his squad, has now retreated on all of them, giving us a squad nearly identical to sven's old one. Yes, david james is back, sol is back, becks is back... so glad we went with a fresh and different approach to england management this time... basically hiring a less talented version of sven.

Equally interesting is this fracas thats been in the media all week about styles's blunder in awarding a penalty against liverpool that has seen him receive so much stick. Frankly what's strange about this one is that graham poll never had similar repercussions last year despite being an even worse referee and making even more ridiculous decisions. "the refs cracked" says steve gerrard, whining about the admittedly ridiculous penalty. This is especially ironic when you consider in just the previous match when Liverpool equalised against villa from a dubious free kick, gerrard chastised the villa players for complaining and declared that "these things usually even out over the course of a season". Something tells me he wasn't expecting it to happen so soon! the punchline: rob styles was ref at that game too!

This is an old one i wrote a few years ago now, but have remastered:

i have written a world of letters
surrounding stars of endless light
assembles into galaxies of words
so the stars may sing in rhyme tonight.

these words are spun into a web
that comprises much of this universe
and among my field of galaxies
fragments of history intersperse.

with philosophy and afterthoughts,
the voices of young soldiers lost,
the stories of sailors forever at sea
and human insecurity.

my mind explores the young and old
and enters their lives secretly
witnesses a day in the life
of everybody equally.

for my name is anonymous
and i was born before the pen
i have told a thousand tales
with more to tell again and again.

but you cannot ever research my life
my vices and accomplishments
all you have to remember me
is my written firmament.

of words - i have escaped
the clutches of immortality
know that i am one and the same
my self is in my poetry.

this is a new one... its along the same lines of 'the mask', an older poem of mine, but this takes it a step further. The mask was about a broken couple who pretend on the surface to want to part ways and dislike each other but underneath their pride really care about each other, and would forgive if one of them would make the first move, i might post it here later.
This one is about love, betrayal and hatred, and the same hidden message is in this one too, except actually hidden within the poem itself to take it to the next level (the hint is in the last line- sort of a message to the ex lover).

Brittle red juice box no good to me.
Core of my self and giver of fire,
Purple sticky tender, without, a blank canvas ;
Listlessly enthused with passion lifted to the brim.

Every desire, what you want must be.
Out from the deep for all to bear
Drink it in slowly, never had it better;
But evanescent sip is better when it's shared with two.

All the wrong kids come looking to see.
I pick the wrong one and open up the cart,
Hand it straight over, caution to the wind;
Imbibe it in the park and then we'll save the rest for night.

Under this spell, so sweet and sticky
I can't break free, even if I try.
Where manifestations sharp in tint of rosoideae,
And phantoms shriek at deafened bark.
My juice box gone, and I alone,
A spell deformed, vanquished and twisted

To lies and betrayal, but still maybe
Some justice come, for stolen shine
Lick these wounds darker, stewing up the hatred
One day you will get it, I listen to my head unwind:

You still have me, you still have the key.
I hold it close, as hopes renew,
But never to forget, no never let it slip
I'm digging in a hole, in hopes that I will reach the light.
And what do I say, if I see you again?
The Beauty is in the beginnings, before they turn sick.

A tip for all the readers: sometimes to help those you truly care about you must be willing to let your actions go unnoticed, unappreciated and unrewarded.

I didn't want to write about this but I have had too many worried friends asking me about it so here goes: I have an old friend who has been stalking me as of late, in fact shes probably reading this now because shes been getting more and more obsessed. I sympathise with her, and indeed I try to be a good friend but she seems to have lost touch with reality recently and blown a fuse, sending me a long line of texts which alternate between adoration and hatred. This is why i have cut her out for the past few weeks, just so there is no confusion.

It has not been easy to move on, as everytime i lower my guard she lashes out at me in strange ways, and indeed she has been alientating a number of her friends with her behaviour, particularly those who know her well enough to know to 'read between the lines' as it were, and i have implored many of them to stick with her and make sure shes ok, as i do worry for her health right now. I am grateful that they still seem to care as much as I do and have obliged.

People ask me why do i still care when she seems to have 'little life right now other than to deceive close friends and spread lies about me' (their words not mine!) And there are two answers:
Firstly I know her well enough to know that the way she is acting is just a defense mechanism, and one which hopefully she is not deluded enough to perpetuate and will soon let it lie.
Secondly because things have changed since last term, and she is no longer doing me any damage, thus eliminating any need for me to try and stop her. People who know her know how she is, and indeed it speaks volumes that every one of her friends who talks to me first before judging ends up having litle sympathy for her. In particular i am thankful to one formerly critical friend who had the wisdom and openmindedness to seek the truth, and i would point out to my old friend not to be weird with them just because they know me, they happen to be one of the most genuine friends she has.

Lastly i apologise to all mutual friends who have been dragged into this mess, but i have faith that she will eventually have the decency to cut her losses and just let me go while she still has some dignity left, hopefully before term begins.

thank you all so much for being so supportive of both of us!

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Sunday, 19 August 2007

Well at last the time has come. What follows is the ultimate gospel on all things Tuscany. Want to learn what to do and where to go in the region? Want to learn a thing or two about fine wines? Just curious to see what I've been up to this summer? Read on...

First a word about wines: All the local chianti wines tend to be mostly sangiovese grape, for more exotic blends one should try the super tuscans, of which i will detail the highlights. Further more, when purchasing wines, bear in mind that the 2001, 2004, and 2006 bottles can be kept for longer than the 2002, 2003 and 2005 bottles, drink them now.

The trip started with a 2 hour flight on Alitalia. This is an airline i've never been too fond of... its cheap... but it feels it too, seats are crumbling (and seem to have cardboard in them oddly) and food is not great... if british airways feels like a chauffered limo (and costs as much) then this feels more like a new york cab. Other than this though it certainly gets you in the mood for italy, it already feels like youre within a small italian village and gives you your first taste of the culture.

After landing, the villa at which i was to stay was a 2 hour drive down from milan in the Chianti region, near Florence. First thing's first though, a quick trip to the co-op in Poggibonsi for all the necessities, food, big bad bug killing contraptions (vital), and lots of alcohol, especially when friends are visiting. Don't have to get everything though, best to get the fresh foods, cheeses, breads, meats, at the small shops in the villages of Castellina and Rada, where you can get wonderful homemade stuff.
Then at last it is time to go see the casa itself, sitting pretty amongst the vinyards, with a private pool, secluded and peaceful from surrounding towns. During the day one can lounge in the sun with a glass of proseco, go for a drive to visit nearby villages, or head into the big cities of siena and Florence (my personal favorite).

Dinner that first night was at Il Fondaccio, a pizza place located amongst the meandering pedestrian roads of Castellina. Always a favorite night destination, they will prepare for you some of the best thin crust pizza you will find anywhere, and for those who are so inclined you can take a small antipasto as well. The wine for this evening was the Querciabella 2003, a chianti classico, probably the most basic wine we had on this sojourn to tuscany, but a very adequate one, fruity but with the definite strong aftertaste of a cheaper bottle of chianti. A post supper stroll through the town takes us to the main square, a locale where one can often find concerts, movies or other events on show, providing an opportunity to take in some culture and mix with the locals.
Upon returning to the villa (and the roads have recently been paved, making the journey much less of a hassle than before) one is struck by the stars in the sky. With no nearby light source the sky is simply a milky white blanket, the likes of which you will never have seen living anywhere near a city, a few minutes to sit in the garden and take it in is a minimum, especially with the perseids taking place at this time of year. For those wanting to take in such a sight, youll find the shooting stars first being to increase frequency from about 11pm, and increase steadily throughout the night until sunrise, emerging from either the constellation perseus or cassiopoeia.

A late rise the next morning allows a trip into town to buy fruits and fresh foods for a nice buffet style breakfast. A first day to start tanning is a welcome change from the grey misery of London, so i had no problem filling this first day with that.
Dinner that night was at an old favorite, le vigne, a gorgeous restaurant located with a fantastic view over the vinyards. The menu is small but of a high quality, offering juicy fruits and fresh meats, a heavenly cheese cake for dessert, and the pinnacle of the menu, pici melanzane, pici being a thick tuscan variant of spaghetti, this dish works so perfectly, texture and taste-wise. The wine tonight was a castello di cacchiano 2003, a riserva with a very light, easy drinking taste, and a warm aroma.

Osteria de la piazza is a restaurant of a similar ilk, full of interesting quirks, such as the ability to pick out your own porcini mushroom for a side dish, much like one would pick out a lobster at a seafood restaurant. Several dishes here contained truffles, at surprisingly reasonable prices, definitely worth a flutter. This was very nicely complemented by the woody aftertaste of the volpaia riserva 2004 which accompanied the meal.

On tuesday we visited our favorite wine shop in Castellina, Bottega del Vino, with the intention of choosing a crate of 24 bottles to ship over to london at the end of the vacation. This is our favorite shop due in large part to the proprietor, an eccentric man who's two main loves are his wine, and the locals in the town of castellina. A wedding is taking place in the square, and he interrupts our transaction to bring bottles of proseco to share with all present. Similarly he greets us with a glass of proseco each, and throughout our time in the shop he periodically lights up and reaches for his glasses as he declares he has one or two bottles of wine that we simply must have a taste of, and thus proceeds his ritual of rinsing the glases with the wine before tasting, professionally done like a man who has been doing it for decades. There have been a number of fantastic bottles we've tried, castello di ama, l'aura, but the standout bottle of this year's tastings is the Brancaia blue 2004, a very mellow, easy drinking super tuscan with a sweet aftertaste. A blend of 50% sangiovese grape, 45% merlot and 5% cabernet, this one is really fantastic.
Dinner that night was equally pleasing, a new place, Trattoria Torioni di san fabiano. This had only been open for two months when we went there, and provided such a superb mix of beautiful setting (right on top of the highest hills in tuscany), amazing food and a good wine (we happened to be staying in the san fabiano vinyards so this was a veyr local wine for us). This restaurant pushes a number of buttons for me, from bringing out small and delicious home made breads and complimentary pre-dessert treats. The wine tonight was a san fabiano Cellole riserva 2004, not one of the more expensive wines of the vacation but certainly a great one, fantastic value.

That weekend was a highlight of the trip. Friday night there was the local wine festival of the stars in Castellina to celebrate the peak of the perseids. Everyone was given a glass and a card with 14 boxes, you got one box ticked for each glass of chianti classico you drink, and two boxes ticked for a riserva. As such i thought i'd stick mainly to riservas, only to find most people were only ticking me once anyway... maybe they like keeping the young uns drinking. In the end i filled my card, with 12 glasses of wine. I fell asleep in the car journey home.
For this festival the streets were filled with people, and stands serving various wines and food items. The brancaia blue was on show, as was the castellare riserva, another fine bottle, but the two big finds of this festival were the collelungo riserva, an oaky and intensely fruity wine, and the soft and velvetty rocca de macie riserva.
The main draw of such an event is the opportunity to socialise with the locals, mainly people you see around the town at shops and restaurants, but quite a number of kids these days too due to the advent of tourism to the area. I happen to think talking to girls is quite fun when they don't speak the same language as you!

On saturday we made the journey into Florence, one of my favorite towns. This is a place full of markets and shops (and cheap football shirts), a place brimming with culture and music and art, both on the streets and in the many fine museums, churches, and of course, the duomo, the centrepiece of architecture in Florence. Otherwise head over to Piazza della Signoria, the historic focal point of the Florentine Republic, and take in the sculptures by donatello, and a recreation of michaelangelo's david (The original by Michelangelo is being kept at the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts) And of course no trip to Florence is complete without taking a look at the Pont de Vecchio, the 'living bridge' bristling with shops.
The restaurant was another favorite of mine, the savoy hotel in the square de la republica, notable for the fantastic cream of pumpkin soup with chicken tempura i started with, which brought me to the point of being so full that I was almost unable to eat the main course, one of the classic dishes, a fantastic tagliolini with tomatoes. The wine was a vino nobile poliziano 2003, which was something a little bit different than what we had been drinking most nights, but very tasty.

As good as any of these restaurants were though nothing here really compares to Gallopapa, located hidden away in the moodlit tunnels under the town walls of Castellina. A beautiful restaurant, with a mad genius in the kitchens. This is a place that really pulls out all the stops and bring you tiny and peculiar treats (like strange mixes of cheese and melon) and breads of all different kinds (onion, tomato, cellery, etc) and theyre all wonderful, no matter what they sound like, they look and taste heavenly. The menu follows in a similar fashion, full of unusual combinations of ingredients that sound crazy but taste amazing. Case and point, on the menu tonight was a dish of pigeon cooked in cocoa beans, which i was very unsure about, but turned out to be one of the most sublime things I have ever tasted. The wine was another riserva, the castello di fonterutoli, and it was certainly a fine complement to the meal. Another great thing about this restaurant: its one of the only places I have ever seen that has a water menu.

The second week saw a number of new places come into the mix, including Canteena de Ragnama where the highlight was a dish of fresh pecorino cheese with honey... a combination which doesnt sound like it should work, but does, beautifully. The highlight of the week has to be Ristorro Lamolle, which certainly wins the prize for the most beautiful view of the sunset, and the food was very fine too, with a delicious tagliolini with truffles and a small gratis appetiser of pecorino cheese with a truffle flavored honey, very delicious. The wine was also one of the better ones we had: lam'oro 2001, a super tuscan and definitely lives up to its name of 'golden'.

The week signed off with a quick snack at Café Italia in castellina, a place we tend to frequent very often, though not so much anymore as they have stopped selling their homemade ice cream. Still, it is a lovely place to go and have a coffee and read the gazetto dello sport, and pretend I understand most of it.

Two weeks of fun and sun, a welcome respite from life in London, marred only by certain crazy ex gfs, but not enough to ruin a wonderful vacation, fortunately.
I hope you enjoyed this review and learned a little something about the good life. Feel free to leave comments.


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Friday, 17 August 2007

Two fantastic restaurants this week. Last night I was in a town called Lamole, located high atop the hills, with a view that is simply unparalleled. Meanwhile on sunday I had the pleasure of dining at an old favorite; Gallopappa, the 'mad scientist' of restaurants, including dishes concocted from a variety of ingredients which don't sound like they should work, but do. For example a dish of pigeon in cocoa beans turned out to be one of the best things I have ever eaten.
Full review in my next post. Love you all.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Let me begin by raving about the new place I went to on Tuesday after my last update, it was one of the finest restaurants I have ever been to. The food was delectable, with small apertifs and minitreats from the kitchen before and after the meal, on top of which the entire restaurant was situated high on the italian riviera overlooking a majestic view matched by a perfect sunset on this particular evening. The chef even came out to say hello to everyone at the end of the evening, simply magical.

Wednesday however was not as special as it rained, bizarrely and so I did not get out to Florence, though I am going out today instead. In fact I am on the way now as I write this.

Also especially worthy of note is the wine festival last night in Castellina, which is some of the most fun I have had here. Was able to charm my way to free drinks with the various stands that were open and even managed to mingle with the locals, when I managed to escape my family for a few moments, and impressed them with my complete lack of Italian. In the end I managed 12 glasses of wine, more than anyone else I conversed with, and more than any man should ever drink. More details to be in my big review.


Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Just set this thing up so I could post here whilst in italy. So here I am. As you can see the format is a bit different, no roundup or post genres, no pictures etc, but I'll make a few brief posts like this just to let you know how Italy is, and then I'll make a nice big review when I'm home, and I have some other good stuff for then too, like a new poem when I haven't done much writing recently.

Meanwhile I am enjoying Italy this year, seem to be more at the age where I can go out and enjoy the nightlife than the old days when I was just a kid. On top of which it's as beautiful as ever and as delicious, even the air has a great aroma to it, more details to be in my big review.

However the perfect weather and long, warm stargazing nights leaves us vulnerable to the mosquitos and man have they been out in force so far! Fortunately I have just gone and purchased for myself the biggest, baddest, mosquito-killingest contraption I could find so let's hope they learn not to mess with me.

Tonight I am trying a new restaurant at the San Fabiano vinyard. Have high hopes. Then tomorrow I am off to florence which is a wonderful town, the museums, the markets, the girls... Great place.

So away I go for now.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Now operating close to peak it would seem. Loose ends tied up, got ideas about where im going to lvie next year, repaired broken relationships, most of which were smashed under pure misunderstanding, and im really mastering the medicine now. By the time term begins i'll probably be one of the freshest minds there thanks to this hard work. On top of all this i should also have a license and a car by the start of term... not that i'll ever really use it, unless i can find an apartment building with a parking lot, but unless im willing to go offsite to somewhere like imperial wharf that seems pretty unlikely.

All this goes to show that the best solution for handling life when everything seems to be going downhill is a little gumption, some spirit and determination. identify the problem, make a plan, and stick to it. This has been a big summer for me, whereas the previous year has basically been about going out and having fun and general hedonism (and then in the latter half messing it all up by committing far too much far too soon to the wrong person) this summer is when maturity and work ethic has joined the mix, not at the expense of the other qualities. This summer has been outstandingly productive in many ways, and yet ive still spent as much time socialising and having fun as could have been reasonably possible with those who have remained in London. It honestly feels like ive added a few more hours onto my day, its liberating to be able to accomodate all the different things i want to do.

It seems that every year there are more and more tv shows coming out, and with them, sadly, more and more reality shows. So in order to help you sort the wheat from the chaff, and in order to properly recognise the good work of those shows that have really stood out, I will now rank the top 10 tv shows from this past year. Feel free to leave feedback or disagreements.

10.Grey's Anatomy- Obvious inspiration from scrubs aside, 'A show written by women for women', would be my main complaint with this medical show. It can be fun to watch, and it's certainly better than most shows out there but really half the time the medical setting is redundant, you might as well call it 'desperate medical practitioners'. Nevertheless a good tv show which happens to be blessed with the finest soundtrack since the golden days of scrubs.

9. Robot Chicken- What would happen if Seth Green and his friends (with guest appearances from other comedians such as seth mcfarlane) smoked a lot of weed and then hammered out the most random thing that came to mind? this show is the answer, and even though there is a lot of mediocrity between the 'shock' sketches and the genuinely brilliant comedy ones, even that is somehow addicting to watch.

8. Law and Order- Still the best crime series on tv after 17 years, we all miss Brisco but he has been ably replaced. So long as the writing stays this brilliant there is no reason to stop. long live law and order!

7. House- 'written by men for women who like abusive men' this is a very good show, if a little silly. What really makes this such a superb series is the top notch performance of star hugh laurie, who has come a long way from his blackadder days and shown how versatile he truly is. I had the pleasure of acting with his son at Eton and i can tell you there's a natural ease which runs through the family. How many americans even know hes british?

6. Scrubs- the glory days may be a thing of the past but that doesnt mean you can stop watching, particularly in the latter half of this season where the drama picked up again. The highlight this year was undoubtedly the musical episode. Next year is the final season ever so lets all tune in and give our old friends the send off they deserve.

5. Family Guy- the heir to the simpsons throne of cartoon kings, mostly because its so similar to the simpsons except with added edginess that audiences these days lap up. It should come as the highest honor that after years of copying bits from the simpsons, the simpsons have started to take ideas from family guy now.

4. Heroes- Without a doubt the best new show this year, and an unexpected hit. Many reckon this is the best there is right now, even exceeding Lost for the prize of best drama on tv, i'll come back to that.

3. Lost- still the daddy. people who prefer heroes tend to do so by criticising lost's tendency to involve long unresolving twisted storylines rather than short episodic dilemmas that only takes heroes a few episodes to complete as opposed to seasons like lost. However this is one of the very reasons we love lost so much, and is why its still the best, for those with a long enough attention span to enjoy it.

2. Life on Mars- The only bad thing about this show is that it is british, and therefore doomed to end after only 16 episodes. However for the same reason the upcoming AMerican version will never ever be as good. Top acting, top writing, amazing soundtrack and direction, this is the best british show since fawlty towers and truly mesmerising as both a cop show and a sci fi show.

1. Arrested Development- Technically not a show from this past year, but since theyre only showing it in england now, where it first came to my attention, I will allow it. This is one of the greatest shows ever written for a variety of reasons, and probably even surpasses the glory days of old scrubs. Sadly it is equally underappreciated as scrubs was, mostly due to two reasons, the inability of americans to stick with a tv show that requires time and attention to fully appreciate, and the tendency of british people (mostly the networks) to just follow america and watch whatever they like to watch. This show is now cancelled but at least we can always look back at 3 seasons where every episode is perfect.

Lets get one thing straight, I do watch a hell of a lot of movies. SO now in order to put this to good use here is my roundup of the state of cinema this summer, what's hot, what's not, what classics shall live on in the memory and what will quickly fall into the oblivion of forgotten films.

The first thing worth noticing is that quality seems to be fairly genre-skewed this summer. To begin with we have a relative dearth of true horror films, especially when most seem to be more concerned with shock value than genuine terror by going the route of saw-inspired gore excess, a trick which, as many are finding out, doesn't really work unless you have a core of substance underneath the red rum, as saw did. As such it's hard to recommend hostel II or captivity. Then there's "i know who killed me", which if the title doesn't ward you off, maybe the fact that it stars lindsay lohan will. Could this finally be the movie where miss lohan lives up to her promise? unlikely, as one reviewer noted, "Much like the career of its star, I Know Who Killed Me opens promisingly, starts to stumble in the middle and has gotten so laughably ridiculous by the final act that you can't take it seriously at all." The obvious highlight of this genre is 28 weeks later, which is well worth a viewing, if not as masterful as its predecessor 28 days later. Much promise ahead in the form of future dark materials duo Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig together in 'Invasion', however for a film containing such a team to be so underhyped suggests it is not going to be anything to live long in the memory. Wait instead for Rob Zombie's remake of 'Halloween'. Slightly ill advised? perhaps, but if reimagined well it could still end up being one of the horror highlights of this summer.

Action is one genre inundated with entries this summer. Spiderman 3, pirates of the caribbean 3, oceans 13, (the surprisingly good) die hard 4.0. the list goes on. They all achieve what they set out to accomplish with aplomb, if not a slight case of tongue in cheek. Even the followers in the pack, fantastic four 2, transformers, are all worth a watch. Fans of the genre will no doubt be sallivating at the soon to be released Bourne Ultimatum.

Comedy is another area not lacking in effort, sadly there are few films here that will live long in the memory. Many efforts range from the brief cheap laugh (knocked up, bean's holiday) to the downright lame (hot rod, i now pronounce you chuck and larry). There is no breakaway classic a la men in black or austin powers or even a bruce almighty. despite steve carell's best efforts. Shrek 3 was a massive dip in standard following the first two attempts, though certainly adequate in it's own right. Evan Almighty, you'll be glad to hear, is not as tacky and depressing as the trailer would make you think, and does manage to maintain the atmosphere and feel of the original, though fails to replicate as many laughs. Instead the highlight this summer is the Simpsons, which is a lovely movie, capitalises on what makes the simpsons great and does much to repair the reputation of a series which has seen a fall from grace in recent years. That's not to say it recaptures the genius of the early seasons of the show but it certainly makes an improvment on what we've seen recently. It's not perfect and it's far too short but it is certainly the bright spot of this summer's comedy scene. Keep your eyes peeled for rush hour 3, which is sure to disappoint and drown under the expectation of the first two films, and probably repeat a lot of the same jokes (to cringeworthy effect) if the trailer is anything to go by.

As far as romance goes, there really isn't anything to mention. In fact teh only hints of romance you get this summer is in films like pirates, spiderman and, i suppose, knocked up. its hard to recommend anything for the romantic thsi summer, but pirates probably has the most involving love story.


For the action fan: Die Hard 4.0 - for your last chance to see john mcclane do what he does best
For the comedy fan: The Simpsons- welcome to the silver screen
For the horror fans: 28 weeks later
For romance fans: no comment...
For the kids: ratatouille
For those who want something a little different: Paprika - simply beautiful, more like a work of art than an example of story telling, in both good ways and bad ways.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

It's not all bad. I am finally getting on top of all my medicine work, i'm going travelling a lot soon, first America, then France and Italy, and importantly my social schedule is filling up with plans for various people, makes me happy. The flipside of this is that it will undoubtedly impact my work negatively, but with the wealth of time at my disposal i don't think it's anything to worry about.

Of course it's not all good either. I am still sore about what Cl was saying, especially to "mr. J", who is one of the most self-serving, manipulative douchebags i've met at imperial, a nice guy usually but if he has something to gain from putting you down you better watch out. What boggles the mind is how girls seem able to talk to him, even though none of them claim to like him as a person at all. Both Cl and Carol have made this mistake and even though they have paid for it with lies and betrayal neither of them really seem to learn from it. At the moment I can't talk to Carol because of how she's been, and I am upset at how she keeps telling secrets about me, expecting someone like Julian to be able to keep them, foolishly. If i didn't have Cl fighting for me that could have been ugly. This is why i'm prepared to forget the minor things Cl said, she's more than made up for it by being awesome.

None of this matters all too much anymore, the only thing that currently bugs me is living arrangements for next year, but at the same time I am very excited about it, looking forward to seeing how it all pans out. Am sure it will be good.

thing to look forward to: seeing ben and dinora again :)

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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Well after reaching the lowest of a long series of low points this summer with exams, which I have since found out was down to a stupid accident, something clicked inside me and I knew at once what I had to do.
My life has fallen apart, if my old self from Eton saw me now hed kick the crap out of me. As such I've now taken up the task of taking back control of my life and to do this I have written up a 12 point plan of what needs to be done to return my life back to its former high.

As such this is a busy busy summer and I find myself swamped with work and various projects and was not expecting much fun or socialising to take place as a sacrifice. However this is not coming to plan, with various people inviting me to various countries, movies, nights out, etc etc.

As such I am definitely going to america and Italy, and have been invited to hong kong and france. I probably won't go to hong kong and as for france, i am not so sure anymore because that particular girl tends to get a bit weird occasionally.
The worst part though is that one of these girls I am absolutely crazy about. And somehow this angel used to like me too, but following a carol-related incident I have now lost her. The two of us are becoming friends again, and I have high hopes for the future, but can't say now what will happen. Even if it doesn't go back to how it was I still miss her so much as a friend.

Meanwhile certain former friends of mine seem to be blanking me. They know who they are and I can't for the life of me figure out why, as I didn't speak to them all that much and certainly not enough to have offended them, i dont think. This is up to them, but right now I have business to take care of.

So it finally happened, Thierry Henry has left Arsenal for Barcelona, having realised he's going nowhere at a club that has been trophiless for 2 years in a row now. The real joke of the matter is that they got a tiny tiny price for him, when they could have got double had he gone last summer. Considering he has had a very nothing year I think this certainly can be seen as a missed opportunity by Arsenal, especially when they failed to get Eto'o in exchange.

So what are the wider implications for Arsenal?
Dein is gone, the smart money says Wenger will soon follow next summer at the latest, and if the media is to be believed some of their young guns are already eyeing up the exit, trying to jump ship before it brings them down with it.

Pessimistic? perhaps. But either way the inescapable fact is that bad things are happening behind closed doors right now at Arsenal, a team which was already massively overrated in terms of potential. The team now hinges essentially on the shoulders of 19 year old Cesc Fabregas and now if he goes then troubled times will undoubtedly ensue for the club.

The brightside? If anyone can turn this around its the current manager Wenger. If he stays he can always have the ability to pull a miracle from nothing.

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Thursday, 14 June 2007

It is very common to read about video game criticism from suburban idiot 50something parents in america who have never played a videogame in their lives or politicians desperately searching for a 'hot button' to spread their name nationally in the press. This comes for a variety of reasons, most of which come along the lines of 'all these penniless hoodlums are increasing gun crim with their $1000 gaming system as training' or 'sex is ok in magazines, movies, tv, books, advertising, but NEVER in a videogame'.

Most of the time we can tune this out, leave us not forget the father of a notably famous pianist criticising how bad such instruments were for the nation's youth. It is only natural for videogames to receive a similar baptism of fire before people realise that its just another form of entertainment like books or tv. The only difference now is that idiots are louder and have more outlets for complaining to people with much more important things to do with their time.

I bring this up today seeing as the newspapers have been littered all week with stories of how the Manchester Cathedral is pressing for a game to be banned for staging a gunifght between aliens and the player in a church. Put your hands up if youve ever seen a videogame/book/movie which contrasted violence in a religious setting. (everyone raises their hands). So why is this such a big issue? They have tried issuing complaints about it encouraging violence in youths, and that it defiles the sacred ground of a church.

A) there is zero correlation between violent videogames and violence, zero, except that maybe violent people will play these games more, videogames themselves have never been shown in any study to affect people in this way. In fact due to money/class issues, as well as the types of people who are indoors playing videogames you will probably find exactly the opposite correlation. No scapegoats please.

B) The church is an industry that has been bathed in violence in the past, perhaps one should look at the real imagery in place here, that in the time of an alien invasion the last place standing, th epoint from which the resistance (the name of the game in question) makes its last stand... if anything its putting the church and faith in a positive light

C) for pete's sake its a videogame!


Every Chelsea fan/neutral observer who pays attention to the football press has no doubt been intrigued by the goings on of the summer so far. For years anyone caught wearing blue has had to endure taunts of 'you bought the title' or 'its only because you spend so much'. Indeed the best response these critics can come up with when faced with facts such as 'well actually there are a lot of clubs who spend like this and dont win' is the notion that 'this is worse'. So understandably in a summer where Chelsea have spent approximately 0.0 million pounds on players as compared to Man u topping 50 million and Liverpool threatening to break the bank 'like a drunken sailor' it is perhaps slightly surprising not to see the media and football supporting fans alike reaching for their pitchforks in protest on how these clubs are 'ruining football' like Chelsea apparently were.

Suddenly spending ridiculous amounts of money is a good thing, and why not? If it benefits you then why should you care? We have long sicne become accustomed to the double standards in the press, but still i think it will be interesting what they come up with this season to explain why Chelsea are good... looking forward to that one.

I know at least a few of you watch Lost, so vote for this... and for those that dont, shame on you and vote anyway just pick the most amusing line.

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Sunday, 10 June 2007

Well I am adding a new feature, polls, for the roughly 10 of you who seem to read this page regularly.

The first one is a simple

will announce results in a few days depending on how many vote

So this was an unusual week post exams, several parties, ending up in other peoples' houses, my first date as a single person, and a rather unusual and de-stressing night in windsor with Charlotte, the last of which I wont discuss much here because she reads this sometimes!

All in all its been awesome fun and shows no sign of letting up, with nights out tomorrow, more events and plans with various people in the coming weeks. Hopefully I will get some time to relax a bit too!
GO check out pictures for my fishy costume on facebook, and dont post anything mean on charzy's pics or shell kill me for putting them up.

Was thinking of saying something about Carol but decided its best to start forgetting about her and excising her presence from this blog, despite her knack for saying/doing stupid things and reaching new heights of stupidity/selfishness. The sad thing is I really do want to help her and fix things but how many times can I keep reaching out to her when she bites the hand that feeds her? Im sure ive used that exact thought on here before but essentially its the entire story with her.

Despite this, now is not a time for despair, It is a time for enjoying nights out with your friends, and girls who are slightly better than ordinary friends. On top of this the summer is blessed with wonderful daily life as well as nightlife, long may the bbqs and picnics continue and let the shopping never ever cease!

Am sure Ill see all of you very soon, but if not then have a lovely June and a happy July.

Exams have come to a close and for the first time since... well... ever, uni students have a free June to relax in the sun and have picnics. Lucky then that thanks to global warming we can look forward to the hottest summer in an even longer time... as we speak I already have a sunburn on the back of my neck from picniccing in the park today.
London seems to be a place becoming more and more accustomed to dealing with the heat. A brief walk around London will reveal the increasing prevalence of air conditioning around the city. still more issues to tackle, drinking fountains in parks being an obvious example.

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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

For years now Facebook users have prided themselves on being a cut above the emo, unwashed and generally depressing users of Myspace. Waltz onto a Myspace profile and you are bombared with tacky and ugly colours, graphics, noises and music, all in the name of individuality. Facebook meanwhile is much more limited in what you can do with it.

These days may yet be coming to a close however as Facebook seems determined to edge ever closer towards the accessible, more easily marketable medium of Myspace. Now anyone in the world can join Facebook, now you can install 'applications' that allow you to do many of the things you could do on Myspace, like play music and games on your profile... how long will it be before we see facebook profiles with disgusting pink leopard print background with tacky sparkly cursive font, blaring out the latest scream-fest from 'i want to cut myself until i commit suicide' or whatever generic emo band is currently satiating today's idiots, while they, of course, go and spend their multi millions on living a life completely unlike the one they describe in their terrible songs.

i despair.

I had a date the other day... Carol was none too pleased, but really she forfeited the right to have any say in the matter, didnt she? What made it worse was yesterday when she told me that shes so upset because shes worrying that I might have been the one... ouch...
Maybe I'm being insensitive but all I can say is be more careful next time.

Of more immediate importance right now are the incoming exams... I honestly don't know how this is supposed to be enough time to prepare for them... I'm sorted for the first few but then we dont have any time off for the others... god help me.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Somehow the Cutty Sark has burned down. This is a terrible tragedy for London's youth as that ship is an institution, part of every young person's education to go and visit it, as well as an impressive piece of the nation's history.

It is important to stress that the cause is not known, and if any person was responsible for this terrible act then it is indeed disgusting, like setting fire to a children's playground. Restoration is however underway I am being led to understand, and generous donations are already coming in. One can only hope that someday soon we can once again see the magnificent ship sitting proud in the Greenwich drydock.

I hope you'll all join me in a big 'fuck you' to whoever is responsible.

So here it is, the ultimate grudge match. Will Milan avenge losing one of the greatest cup finals in history to a plucky Liverpool side who never gave up? or will history repeat itself, allowing liverpool to claim an impressive 6th champions league victory, equalling Milan's record for second place, with Real Madrid still holding the record at 9, and not looking like extending this record any time soon.

The highly esteemed Alan Hansen is 100% confident that liverpool will win, and claims that this is because Liverpool have improved by vast amounts in the last two years whereas Milan are probably not as good as they once were. Therefore if the worse Liverpool side won before they should do so again.

Sadly Mr Hansen has been talking an uncharacteristic amount of shit lately. Usually he is spot on about things but if you look at his recent columns you'll know hes beginning to lose it. One must only look at his post FA cup analysis, claiming that only winning half the trophies on offer, with about half the squad injured for th eentire season, should be considered a failure of a season from Chelsea's point of view. Many teams have tried to win trophies by throwing cash at the problem and almost all have failed; it shows a serious misunderstanding of how football works to think that any team would be upset with only winning 2 of 4 trophies, particularly with the issues Chelsea have had this year. This time Alan Shearer is spot on, and by putting Hansen in his place so openly he is doing wonders to his reputation as a football analyst. If this keeps going Shearer will soon be the more respected of the Alans... right now he is in many people's eyes already.

Similarly Hansen's drab logic on why Liverpool WILL 110% win the champions league is not without issue. I think most people who watched the last final will agree that Liverpool were not particularly great, despite the romantic notions Hansen has come up with, but rather that Milan assumed they had it won at 3-0 and just stopped playing. When this happens anything can happen. Similarly for Hansen to be correct assumes Milan will just not turn up on wednesday and I don't believe this will be the case.

It can go either way, but to favour Liverpool would be an unusual choice at best.

I am starting to think Carol is less naive and more of a master manipulator, with the way she seems to turn haters back onto her side just by shedding a few tears. Whatever the case one thing that is harder to stomach is friends I have lost because of her, close friends like Sara who were so moved by her tears so as to believe whatever she says and turn against me. It has now been so long since that fight that even in light of the realisation that I was in fact innocent she still won't forgive me. I miss her so much.

On top of which one can't help but wonder about all the opportunities I had and didnt take when I was with Carol. Unlike her I am a good significant other and I can show willpower (as much as I like to pretend otherwise). Now at this late stage in the year, so long after we started, most girls I once had a chance with are taken, and its hard to wonder what might have happened had I not made the mistake i made, and if i had been available at the time. Can only hope I havent missed all the opportunities Im going to get.

Still I am really really glad that me and carol will stay friends... even if we had never been together shes a lovely girl to have around and if i can forgive her her obvious flaws then i know we'll have a great friendship :)

Of much greater importance than this right now is my friend Cat who is in hospital, possibly with appendicitis. I hope you will all join me in praying for her, i myself am going to go buy her a card or something and go visit her in a bit. Since I heard about it I have spent all afternoon reading about her condition, doctor that i am. Hope she gets better real soon.

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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Yes as we all know Chelsea won, and did so with some distinction, dismissing all the hype about a very lucky set of champions. No matter though, every team is allowed their moment, the only bad part is the sour grapes with which man united take defeat, especially after chelsea took it with such humility in the premiership. An inspiring show of sportsmanship from Chelsea to keep such an attitude despite all the crap in the media about how 'dirty' and 'unsporting' they are; maybe now those silly stories will shift the extremely bitter and disappointing man united camp.

The actual final was never going to be a great game. Both teams play with the same style and cancel each other out. In particular man united can not play against teams that are of high quality, hence why theyve done so badly against the big teams this season, and this was no different. While Chelsea sat back and showed no courage for the first 45, man u were worse and just could not string 2 passes together, and the 'player of the year' ronaldo showed again how overrated he is by being overshadowed by not only his own team, but everyone on the opposition, and even people on his own team's subs bench. Nevermind hey. In the end it was a goal from the actual best player in the country, somewhat predictably unfortunately, but abeautiful move to win the game nonetheless.

Such a shame then that there will be no parade, due to logistics or something. Now that I'm living here it is certainly something i'd love to see.

As everyone knows scrubs is pretty much the best show ever, thought clearly past its best, despite a mega musical episode this season (songs are all stuck in my head lol)
Meanwhile I thought I would celebrate the end of what could turn out to be the penultimate season by ranking my top 10 characters from the show- I will be considering in terms of how good they are at acting, how funy they are and how well written their characters are:

10.Carla- just too normal, good for her role on the show but never the most interesting to watch, though as a result probably has one of the more complex and well written characters

9. Jordan- never a particularly good actress but still good in her own right and has many memorable moments

8. Eliott- a bit annoying but has great moments too, an actress with gifted comic timing. was probably better when she was less cartoony.

7. Ted- fantastically funny but has got a little old in later years, hysterical at first though

6. Turk- very funny character but perhaps in too much of a sterotypey way, hes also very talented

5. Kelso- great character, many brilliant moments, but again has been getting a little too cartoony... doesnt matter though you still gotta love him

4. the Todd- ok hes an even worse stereotype than turk but just too funny not to have here

3. JD- the main character obviously has to be very good and zach braff is not only incredibly talented as an actor, director and writer but hes very funny, has great moments and is still very easy to identifiable... or maybe thats just because im a geek lol

2. the Janitor- just genius in so many ways... particularly notable for how he was only going to be a bit part character at first, but he forced his way in.

1. Dr. Cox- no surprises here, the reason everyone watches the show is this guy and his absolutely fantastic and deceptively deep character. we'll all miss him.

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