james debate
james debate

Sunday 20 May 2007

As everyone knows scrubs is pretty much the best show ever, thought clearly past its best, despite a mega musical episode this season (songs are all stuck in my head lol)
Meanwhile I thought I would celebrate the end of what could turn out to be the penultimate season by ranking my top 10 characters from the show- I will be considering in terms of how good they are at acting, how funy they are and how well written their characters are:

10.Carla- just too normal, good for her role on the show but never the most interesting to watch, though as a result probably has one of the more complex and well written characters

9. Jordan- never a particularly good actress but still good in her own right and has many memorable moments

8. Eliott- a bit annoying but has great moments too, an actress with gifted comic timing. was probably better when she was less cartoony.

7. Ted- fantastically funny but has got a little old in later years, hysterical at first though

6. Turk- very funny character but perhaps in too much of a sterotypey way, hes also very talented

5. Kelso- great character, many brilliant moments, but again has been getting a little too cartoony... doesnt matter though you still gotta love him

4. the Todd- ok hes an even worse stereotype than turk but just too funny not to have here

3. JD- the main character obviously has to be very good and zach braff is not only incredibly talented as an actor, director and writer but hes very funny, has great moments and is still very easy to identifiable... or maybe thats just because im a geek lol

2. the Janitor- just genius in so many ways... particularly notable for how he was only going to be a bit part character at first, but he forced his way in.

1. Dr. Cox- no surprises here, the reason everyone watches the show is this guy and his absolutely fantastic and deceptively deep character. we'll all miss him.

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