james debate
james debate

Sunday 20 May 2007

Yes as we all know Chelsea won, and did so with some distinction, dismissing all the hype about a very lucky set of champions. No matter though, every team is allowed their moment, the only bad part is the sour grapes with which man united take defeat, especially after chelsea took it with such humility in the premiership. An inspiring show of sportsmanship from Chelsea to keep such an attitude despite all the crap in the media about how 'dirty' and 'unsporting' they are; maybe now those silly stories will shift the extremely bitter and disappointing man united camp.

The actual final was never going to be a great game. Both teams play with the same style and cancel each other out. In particular man united can not play against teams that are of high quality, hence why theyve done so badly against the big teams this season, and this was no different. While Chelsea sat back and showed no courage for the first 45, man u were worse and just could not string 2 passes together, and the 'player of the year' ronaldo showed again how overrated he is by being overshadowed by not only his own team, but everyone on the opposition, and even people on his own team's subs bench. Nevermind hey. In the end it was a goal from the actual best player in the country, somewhat predictably unfortunately, but abeautiful move to win the game nonetheless.

Such a shame then that there will be no parade, due to logistics or something. Now that I'm living here it is certainly something i'd love to see.

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