james debate
james debate

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

First of all a very merry christmas to all of you! i love you all and will see you in person soon to make sure you had a merry holiday period :) have the best day possible and a great new years to boot!

The current state of affairs with my birthday party is that it probably wont be on my birthday, as Clio is not around then. Further more shes pushing me to do a date during the week as opposed to on the weekend for some reason, so what i must do is go talk to my neighbours to find a day when it would be most convenient, and then take it from there. So stay tuned, as soon as something is settled I will invite all of you.

It will be a... different looking guestlist i think. But just as good.

Im sorry. I can be a bad person sometimes. Believe it or not. Its a respect issue, and you know its a problem when you find yourself compelled to talk to someone more out of intellectual curiosity than real interest. It doesn't happen often I should point out.

But let's picture an example, im sure a few people can relate to; repressed feelings, complete denial and general confusion. Heck I actually got a speech from her a little while ago that honestly sounded like she had spent the last 3 weeks rehearsing it in front of her bathroom mirror about how she had only been 'pretending' to care. Needless to say if it took her 3 weeks to convince herself I wasn't convinced by 30 seconds of half embarrassed mumblings, but i digress. i think it'd be a bit rude to repeat them here but do ask, its quite funny. The bad part is my reaction. I was silent. I was trying hard not to crack a smile, but I let her think I was hurt. It wasn't mean spirited at the time I just really didn't know what to do. After years of the exact same shenanigans it gets a little predictable and at first I wasn't sure if she was just joking, aware of the irony, and its a little weird that she wasnt. She speaks these things in such a strained, fake, deliberate way that it becomes really hard to tell. The real joke is that she does all this with that unmistakable undeserved confidence in herself, and as someone who spent 5 years at Eton its something ive seen a million times.
She has somehow convinced herself into believing that I'm predictable and easy to manipulate. She actually said so to my face. She has no idea that I walked away from the station with a big grin on my face. But why ruin that for her, she seems to enjoy feeling like she has control over people :S

I can't tell you here what I really feel about the whole issue, but its a nice bit of closure when a girl loses her mystique and you actually feel slightly sorry, hence the first sentence of this post.

what I can say is how lucky a guy I am. i have that warm and fluttery feeling inside me that i havent had for several months :) there are a lot of really wonderful people in my life and one or two in particular who really put a smile on my face every time i speak to them. the complete polar opposite of the person mentioned above ^, i've met a girl whos stable, open and, hell, actually grown up! Its surprising how rare it is to find people like that. but here she is and it is truly a breath of fresh air. im supposed to keep this a little hush hush at the moment so i wont say much more, but ask and i shall tell.

I'm off to paris in a few days for much shopping and merriment. when i get back ill sort out more things, like concrete details on the party and the like, i look forward to talking to all of you in the coming days though as i am in good spirits these days.

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Thursday, 20 December 2007

First of all everyone go to this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBGIQ7ZuuiU
then google 'rick roll' and laugh.

You may have noticed I have not been writing many articles recently along with my personal posts. I apologise for this, it is down to a lack of free time to put into this.

This is a good thing though, its because of how busy ive been at the hospital, having fun. I'm off for the holidays though and I'll miss everyone there. Back at home meanwhile Jeremy is back, which is just as fun, as anyone who's seen the pictures from the recently attended Bloc Party concert (and is now hysterically jealous) can see.

It's not all smiles and sunshine though. It's amazing how some people never change, really. I almost had a right go at someone today for still playing the same insecure little games that made me sick years ago and still do. Just when it felt like there was a breakthrough someone's true colours come shining through and make you realise how foolish youve become. Nuts to that. This weekend i'm taking someone special out to a very special secret location, where there will be wining and dining and celebrities and blockbuster movies on 2 seater 'cuddle couches' by candlelight. ive wanted to go there for a long time, never had the right person to take til now :)

lets get some feedback, how much do we hate those annoying types who play games all the time? dont we all get a little tired of it or do some of us just lap it up?

So Fabio Capello, or 'Don' Fabio is our man (and cue relentless godfather jokes for the duration of his tenure). As everyone this side of the atlantic knows I was a big advocate for Mourinho taking the job and im upset that he decided not to, but that being said Capello will do as good a job if not better. And he's pretty cool too, a big kandinsky fan, bit of a hardass, and he wont put up with crap from underpeforming louts like gerrard or rio.

roll on world cup 2010

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