james debate
james debate

Thursday 28 June 2007

So it finally happened, Thierry Henry has left Arsenal for Barcelona, having realised he's going nowhere at a club that has been trophiless for 2 years in a row now. The real joke of the matter is that they got a tiny tiny price for him, when they could have got double had he gone last summer. Considering he has had a very nothing year I think this certainly can be seen as a missed opportunity by Arsenal, especially when they failed to get Eto'o in exchange.

So what are the wider implications for Arsenal?
Dein is gone, the smart money says Wenger will soon follow next summer at the latest, and if the media is to be believed some of their young guns are already eyeing up the exit, trying to jump ship before it brings them down with it.

Pessimistic? perhaps. But either way the inescapable fact is that bad things are happening behind closed doors right now at Arsenal, a team which was already massively overrated in terms of potential. The team now hinges essentially on the shoulders of 19 year old Cesc Fabregas and now if he goes then troubled times will undoubtedly ensue for the club.

The brightside? If anyone can turn this around its the current manager Wenger. If he stays he can always have the ability to pull a miracle from nothing.

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