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james debate

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

happy halloween everybody. love this day, a chance to dress up which as you all know i love to do. rag blood trail tonight should be a laugh and then of course friday has the reynolds halloween bop which is always fun. for hints as to what im dressing up as, go check the roundup for today. pics will be uploaded at some point onto facebook, as per usual.

so what else is up. im moving into my flat really soon, which is awesome cant wait. went tv shopping and found myself a nice 42 inch hi def number :) samsung of course, gotta support the team (plus they seem to be the best). i told my flatmate she would be safe from my blog so no comment on her. but itll be fun. looking forward to getting the housewarming party planning underway.

in other news i find it both amusing and yet highly frustrating to note once again that i seem primarily to attract girls who already have boyfriends (not mentioning names)... like seriously to such an extent that it's not even funny anymore. i havent the faintest why. im not really the sort of guy to do that kind of thing. ill admit i did once, but it was a mistake. let that be a lesson to you; get single, then we'll talk ;)

Following on from my dream feature last edition, I had another real classic a few days (possibly weeks) ago, since my last post. I will try to recall it now as it was truly fantastic... like you could write movies based on this one lol. i might be remembering this wrong so if i am then please anyone i told this to before feel free to step in and correct me but i think it went something like this: i was on a family vacation in some small eastern bloc looking town, where a neo-fascist regime rules the town with an iron fist, and controls them through putting something in the food and water to make them subservient. somehow i got swept up into the resistance movement and spent the rest of the dream infiltrating the enemy, crawling through the jungle (in the eastern bloc i know lol) sabotaging things and being generally espionagy. was sweet.

Lastly I can not recommend the game 'portal' highly enough. It is pure distilled gaming genius, and very short, only taking a few hours to complete. Also has the best theme song that a game has ever had during the ending, though you have to have played through the game to really enjoy it.

this is Dr. Acula, signing off wishing you all a happy halloween. Bwa ha ha ha, come see me for 1001 vampire related gags.
ciao x

a new section here, the 'how to' section, where i share with you articles of my immense and unparalleled wisdom. the first such article is a classic, one that i have been called upon to assist people with countless times. nowadays many people download resource consuming, spyware carrying, generally painful and crappy (and some times pricey) software such as tweakxp to do things such as this; but for those in the know it is much much simpler and can be done without downloading a single thing.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Click Start, Run and type Regedit.exe
2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile
3. Delete the IsShortcut registry value.
4. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\piffile
5. Delete the IsShortcut registry value.

You may need to restart Windows.

1. Click Start, Run and type Regedit.exe
2. Navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Shell Icons
3. In the right-pane, create a new String value named 29
4. Double-click 29 and set its Value data as: C:\Windows\System32\shell32.dll,50
(shell32.dll,50 is an empty icon)
5. Close Registry Editor.

To apply the changes instantly, follow this
6. Right-click Desktop, choose Properties
7. Click the Appearance Tab.
8. Click Advanced button
9. Choose Icon from the drop-down list
10. Set it's size to 31 and press OK, OK.
The changes will be applied now. Repeat the above steps and then set the Icon size back to 32 (defaults). The above steps are required to force Windows to redraw the icons. Even Tweak XP does this.

song of the day: "Alive" by "VHS or Beta"
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halloween bop

halo 3
halloween blood trail

Monday, 15 October 2007

I know i dont show you guys nearly enough love by posting more often, but its been an especially busy two weeks now, with freshers fortnight and everything (and a little medicine). Firstly about the rest of the fortnight since last post. It was excellent. Particularly that pub crawl was stunning this year, even exceeds last year's and probably the best event i've been to. At first i was skeptical about not having the palais any more and having to hold our own 'club' as it were down at south ken. However these fears were quickly dispelled, it was awesome, nothing but imperial students, like having a private club! Rejoining my team james comrades, we pushed steadily through the pubs, meeting freshers, spending time with my daughter and the usual reynolds crew. At some point along the way i ended up getting kidnapped by dave and tash and went over to dave's place for a few rounds of the subway game before comandeering a bus to south ken for the final, and probably best, stage of the evening. The remaining festivities were similarly enjoyable but not to such a high degree, the second week coming to a frankly disappointing conclusion in the absence of adam kay, who was such a riot last year.

In other news I have been having somewhat strange dreams recently. Won't give details here but theyre about someone i know, who has a boyfriend, who im pretty sure fancies me, but ive never really had much feeling for her before... hence my confusion. And generally it felt a bit weird the dream. I wonder what the purpose of such a dream is anyway. Someone once told me that dreams were the brain's way of consolidating information collected during the day, but i find this fairly hard to believe when you consider some of my stranger dreams. For example: swinging from a chandelier in an indiana jones style temple blasting zombies with a shotgun. I would love to hear what part of my day my brain was consolidating there. In fact I'd like to open up the floor here to what some of your strangest dreams are lol, see if they can top that one for awesomeness.

til next time

Well I have seen many productions in the theatre this summer, much to my enjoyment, most of which were of a very high quality and very recommendable, so here I will briefly go over a few of the highlights (hopefully with a little feeling). Maybe you can catch them if theyre still on.

Recently I saw moonlight and magnolias at the tricycle theatre, about a producer/director/writer team trying to write the movie 'gone with the wind', who lock themselves in a room for a week in order to hurry out a script to what they see as 'schlocky', money making rubbish, hence the rather starry-eyed title. Clearly this is a premise that suits theatre well, where scene changes are difficult, allowing the inclusion of very good detail in the set (i was keen eyed enough to notice american plug sockets on the walls on the set). The play itself is absolutely hilarious, well written and very well acted. To give a feel for the characters I would direct you towards the television show Seinfeld. The writer is jerry, the porducer is george, and the director is kramer. It is not like me at all to describe characters in a play using tv analogies but so fitting are those characters to this production, in appearance, mannerism and behaviour, that it is difficult to imagine the director of this play not having them in mind.

Next up is Parade at the Donmar, which as everyone knows is my favorite theatre; small, intimate, and bloody hard to get tickets for! This particular production was a musical, with what can only be described as an unusual choice for such a show: the persecution of an innocent jew for child rape and murder in the old south of america... right. Despite this you still get swept up in the emphatic and patriotic spirit of it all, in good humour, before getting sunk in the hippocrisy and injustice of it all, a good use of juxtaposition, though not as effective as in the production of the bacchae we saw at eton 2 years ago.

However saving the best for last is the Vanishing Number, at the barbican. Anyone who was with me to see the elephant vanishes will remember how masterfully done it was, with use of video and sound that was practically unparalleled anywhere else, leading to a surreal, almost dream-like experience. This production follows in a similar vein, also being a production by theatre complicité and comes off as highly impressive for doing so, as most of their productions are. The story revolves around the relationship of a mathematician and an american she meets at a lecture, who knows nothing about maths who, for reasons which dont become clear until the end, both become intensely fascinated with an historic indian mathematical progidy who went to oxford, coming up with the apparently revolutionary equation 1+2+3+4...+infinite= 1/12 (no i dont get it either, but was impressed i managed to follow the maths for at least a few minutes) and the two stories are told simultaneously, coming together at the bittersweet finale. Aside from containing extremely high production values, the writing and acting is very good, and consistently funny throughout right until the somewhat darker end, which you probably wont see coming until late on. A very high recommendation.

There were others I saw, but these three were probably the most notable that I can think of now.

song of the day: "Unglued" by "Jupiter One"
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blog posters

'anonymous' posters ;)
devils and dust

p.s. if you get the pic reference... youre as big a geek as i am :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Well it seems to be the first thing people ask me these days when they see me, so let us get down the official 'debs approved' opinion on the departure of our beloved jose mourinho and the ensuing calamity for chelsea. it sucks. really does. mourinho was/is the best, and grant is just a patsy. Chelsea fans are used to seeing their team self destruct but i dont think anyone expected it to happen now during our golden age at the top of european football.
Abramovich is truly being ridiculous if he wants to run the club as he seems to. But that being said, I dont think its all doom and gloom like most people do. There is some form of logic behind the madness at stamford bridge, a desire for better football and a more positive image in the media. Even at our best times there were teams i feared playing against, barcelona in particular, and if Roman gets his way that will no longer be the case. The best way to combat these teams isnt to scrape 1-0 wins against them by having better stamina than them, it should be to out play them and run rings around them with passing movements. Avram Grant probably is not the man to deliver on this promise, but if, as is widely expected, he leaves us in the near future, I'm sure his replacement will be able to.

Well as usual a lots happened in the past month, so much so that I havent been posting, annoyingly. Yu'll all be glad to hear that everythings much quieter these days, drama-wise at least. Obviously its Freshers Fortnight now so i'm getting back into the habit of getting home at late hours in an inebriated state (especially with the bloody long commute i have to do) and then waking up to make the same commute barely a few hours later. fun stuff eh?
Am enjoying meeting all the new freshers, including my daughter and two adopted sons last night, though lets face it: no matter what, it would have been fun to get back to the reynolds for copious amounts of drinking after a long summer.
It's great to see everyone from my year again too. I don't like to mention names on here so much anymore now that too many people read this lol, but im sure most of you know how much ive missed someone these past few months, who i thought i had lost because i put my trust in the wrong person. Well seeing her again this year has been lovely as before, and she clearly missed me as much too, so it's fantastic that thats all gotten back to normal and been sorted. It's not all so glorious at the other end of the spectrum however. I was very shocked this week to find myself being completely screwed over by someone who i had previously thought to be a pretty good and loyal friend, but tuned out to be quite ungrateful and generally pretty thoughtless. More than that though, it just amazes me how i always see people making the same dumb mistakes over and over, going back to people who just use them and treat them like garbage. i guess this is how you learn who's really worth your time.

anywho, if you havent already go look at my latest costume on facebook, apparently im getting a bit of a reputation for that lol. what can i say, i like to earn my discount at costume parties! tonight is the pub crawl, which if its like last year, will be awesome. my esteemed flat mate doesnt seem to want to go though so am trying to figure out who else is going. Some people are useless with phones though, cant wait until i move into my new flat :D

song of the day: "Window Bird" by "Stars"
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Reliable friends

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