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james debate

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

For years now Facebook users have prided themselves on being a cut above the emo, unwashed and generally depressing users of Myspace. Waltz onto a Myspace profile and you are bombared with tacky and ugly colours, graphics, noises and music, all in the name of individuality. Facebook meanwhile is much more limited in what you can do with it.

These days may yet be coming to a close however as Facebook seems determined to edge ever closer towards the accessible, more easily marketable medium of Myspace. Now anyone in the world can join Facebook, now you can install 'applications' that allow you to do many of the things you could do on Myspace, like play music and games on your profile... how long will it be before we see facebook profiles with disgusting pink leopard print background with tacky sparkly cursive font, blaring out the latest scream-fest from 'i want to cut myself until i commit suicide' or whatever generic emo band is currently satiating today's idiots, while they, of course, go and spend their multi millions on living a life completely unlike the one they describe in their terrible songs.

i despair.

I had a date the other day... Carol was none too pleased, but really she forfeited the right to have any say in the matter, didnt she? What made it worse was yesterday when she told me that shes so upset because shes worrying that I might have been the one... ouch...
Maybe I'm being insensitive but all I can say is be more careful next time.

Of more immediate importance right now are the incoming exams... I honestly don't know how this is supposed to be enough time to prepare for them... I'm sorted for the first few but then we dont have any time off for the others... god help me.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Somehow the Cutty Sark has burned down. This is a terrible tragedy for London's youth as that ship is an institution, part of every young person's education to go and visit it, as well as an impressive piece of the nation's history.

It is important to stress that the cause is not known, and if any person was responsible for this terrible act then it is indeed disgusting, like setting fire to a children's playground. Restoration is however underway I am being led to understand, and generous donations are already coming in. One can only hope that someday soon we can once again see the magnificent ship sitting proud in the Greenwich drydock.

I hope you'll all join me in a big 'fuck you' to whoever is responsible.

So here it is, the ultimate grudge match. Will Milan avenge losing one of the greatest cup finals in history to a plucky Liverpool side who never gave up? or will history repeat itself, allowing liverpool to claim an impressive 6th champions league victory, equalling Milan's record for second place, with Real Madrid still holding the record at 9, and not looking like extending this record any time soon.

The highly esteemed Alan Hansen is 100% confident that liverpool will win, and claims that this is because Liverpool have improved by vast amounts in the last two years whereas Milan are probably not as good as they once were. Therefore if the worse Liverpool side won before they should do so again.

Sadly Mr Hansen has been talking an uncharacteristic amount of shit lately. Usually he is spot on about things but if you look at his recent columns you'll know hes beginning to lose it. One must only look at his post FA cup analysis, claiming that only winning half the trophies on offer, with about half the squad injured for th eentire season, should be considered a failure of a season from Chelsea's point of view. Many teams have tried to win trophies by throwing cash at the problem and almost all have failed; it shows a serious misunderstanding of how football works to think that any team would be upset with only winning 2 of 4 trophies, particularly with the issues Chelsea have had this year. This time Alan Shearer is spot on, and by putting Hansen in his place so openly he is doing wonders to his reputation as a football analyst. If this keeps going Shearer will soon be the more respected of the Alans... right now he is in many people's eyes already.

Similarly Hansen's drab logic on why Liverpool WILL 110% win the champions league is not without issue. I think most people who watched the last final will agree that Liverpool were not particularly great, despite the romantic notions Hansen has come up with, but rather that Milan assumed they had it won at 3-0 and just stopped playing. When this happens anything can happen. Similarly for Hansen to be correct assumes Milan will just not turn up on wednesday and I don't believe this will be the case.

It can go either way, but to favour Liverpool would be an unusual choice at best.

I am starting to think Carol is less naive and more of a master manipulator, with the way she seems to turn haters back onto her side just by shedding a few tears. Whatever the case one thing that is harder to stomach is friends I have lost because of her, close friends like Sara who were so moved by her tears so as to believe whatever she says and turn against me. It has now been so long since that fight that even in light of the realisation that I was in fact innocent she still won't forgive me. I miss her so much.

On top of which one can't help but wonder about all the opportunities I had and didnt take when I was with Carol. Unlike her I am a good significant other and I can show willpower (as much as I like to pretend otherwise). Now at this late stage in the year, so long after we started, most girls I once had a chance with are taken, and its hard to wonder what might have happened had I not made the mistake i made, and if i had been available at the time. Can only hope I havent missed all the opportunities Im going to get.

Still I am really really glad that me and carol will stay friends... even if we had never been together shes a lovely girl to have around and if i can forgive her her obvious flaws then i know we'll have a great friendship :)

Of much greater importance than this right now is my friend Cat who is in hospital, possibly with appendicitis. I hope you will all join me in praying for her, i myself am going to go buy her a card or something and go visit her in a bit. Since I heard about it I have spent all afternoon reading about her condition, doctor that i am. Hope she gets better real soon.

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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Yes as we all know Chelsea won, and did so with some distinction, dismissing all the hype about a very lucky set of champions. No matter though, every team is allowed their moment, the only bad part is the sour grapes with which man united take defeat, especially after chelsea took it with such humility in the premiership. An inspiring show of sportsmanship from Chelsea to keep such an attitude despite all the crap in the media about how 'dirty' and 'unsporting' they are; maybe now those silly stories will shift the extremely bitter and disappointing man united camp.

The actual final was never going to be a great game. Both teams play with the same style and cancel each other out. In particular man united can not play against teams that are of high quality, hence why theyve done so badly against the big teams this season, and this was no different. While Chelsea sat back and showed no courage for the first 45, man u were worse and just could not string 2 passes together, and the 'player of the year' ronaldo showed again how overrated he is by being overshadowed by not only his own team, but everyone on the opposition, and even people on his own team's subs bench. Nevermind hey. In the end it was a goal from the actual best player in the country, somewhat predictably unfortunately, but abeautiful move to win the game nonetheless.

Such a shame then that there will be no parade, due to logistics or something. Now that I'm living here it is certainly something i'd love to see.

As everyone knows scrubs is pretty much the best show ever, thought clearly past its best, despite a mega musical episode this season (songs are all stuck in my head lol)
Meanwhile I thought I would celebrate the end of what could turn out to be the penultimate season by ranking my top 10 characters from the show- I will be considering in terms of how good they are at acting, how funy they are and how well written their characters are:

10.Carla- just too normal, good for her role on the show but never the most interesting to watch, though as a result probably has one of the more complex and well written characters

9. Jordan- never a particularly good actress but still good in her own right and has many memorable moments

8. Eliott- a bit annoying but has great moments too, an actress with gifted comic timing. was probably better when she was less cartoony.

7. Ted- fantastically funny but has got a little old in later years, hysterical at first though

6. Turk- very funny character but perhaps in too much of a sterotypey way, hes also very talented

5. Kelso- great character, many brilliant moments, but again has been getting a little too cartoony... doesnt matter though you still gotta love him

4. the Todd- ok hes an even worse stereotype than turk but just too funny not to have here

3. JD- the main character obviously has to be very good and zach braff is not only incredibly talented as an actor, director and writer but hes very funny, has great moments and is still very easy to identifiable... or maybe thats just because im a geek lol

2. the Janitor- just genius in so many ways... particularly notable for how he was only going to be a bit part character at first, but he forced his way in.

1. Dr. Cox- no surprises here, the reason everyone watches the show is this guy and his absolutely fantastic and deceptively deep character. we'll all miss him.

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Friday, 18 May 2007

One thing I have learned from living in this country is the distaste most people have for America. They're stupid, fat and arrogant is what i hear most often. Far be it from me to show the average denizen of England a mirror to make them realise something. Meanwhile in America the answer is obvious, the rest of the world is jealous. America is cheap, wealthy, flowing with freedom and choice and luxuries most people even in other highly developed countries like England can only dream of.

To present an understanding of why Americans have this arrogancei present the following analogy for brits. Have you ever been to Italy? Tuscany perhaps? and thought about how old and run down all the buildings look and thought that as cute and quaint as it is you would never really want to live there? well this is precisely the feeling one gets coming from America to London.

The hotspot of London is Chelsea, expensive and supposedly the height of residential real estate. And yet for all the millions you spend, most appartment buildings have no air conditioning, no concierge, no elevator and no common room or gym area. This is an absurdity to anyone who has been spoilt by the quality of homes in a place like New York for pretty much the same price too.

As always I remain on the fence because I still love this country and I think there are certain things, like football and music which make up for anything else we lack

No I am not referring to me. Carol god bless her soul doesnt make anything easier. With me she is in tears, acting like her world has ended, and with everyone else its like life as usual. And this bugs me. Why?

To any casual observer it would seem as if i meant nothing to her, and that she is glad to be rid of me, and I for one dont think this is fair considering how great what we had is, and certainly not right considering how strongly she really feels.

I'm not saying collapse in front of everyone dearey but at least be more honest about it. For our sake.

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Thursday, 17 May 2007

Hello all and welcome to the Ephemeric, giving you a burst of wisdom from all walks of life.

Details of who I am are fairly inconsequential, though if you're interested thats what the profile section is for; this blog is not just about me, like anyone who used to read my myspace blog might expect. Rather I will affix a label to the title of each article i post detailing the area I cover. To begin with these will come from one of: 'personal', 'sports', 'events', 'reviews', 'insights' and 'roundup' (where i will post anything that doesnt belong in a specific category), and i promise it will be light on the 'personal' compared to my old blog.

Posts will not come at regular intervals; I might do one per day, three per day, or one a month. Whatever the case I will only post when there is something useful to be said.

As always I invite all forms of feedback, queries and requests.

Enjoy your stay, and happy reading!

Today every Imperial College freshman has been asked to choose whether they want an Imperial degree or a University of London degree. It has caused qute the commotion, rightly so as no one in their right mind can see why we need to make this decision now, in our first of six long years here.

What most people don't realise is how little it matters at all. Imperial is a better school than the other London unis so you want that on your diploma? well no matter, its already on the ULU degree anyway. a ULU degree gives you access to tons of ULU facilities and prizes? well no matter, Imperial has their own stuff and is brining in more; in fact their prize money will exceed that of the ULU prizes.

So as you can see the only real difference is what gowns you wear when you graduate... and quite frankly until someone tells me what colours they each are I am completely stumped!

Well the Premiership season has once again come and gone and while I will be posting a much larger sports article this saturday after the FA cup final, today I would like to sum up what has been a thrilling season with my team of the season.

Personally I thought the official one was nuts, 8 out of 11 players being from a deceptively average man united team who didnt get as many points as Chelsea last 2 years, and may yet not win as many trophies as Chelsea this year. My own loyalties aside here is what i reckon is the best team:

steve coppell gets the manager nod for the amazing work hes done with a very average reading side this season.

roll on saturday!

It does no good for me or anyone else if I were to rant about what has happened to me as of late. Most of the people reading this will already have some idea and indeed all that matters is that I had to cut out someone very dear to me. It was not an easy thing to do, even though she had done such inexcusably terrible things. Both our lives have been turned upside down and the shockwaves will still be felt a long time from now.

And all this caused by a single decision, one impulsive act so easily swayed by any number of psychological details at any one moment. I can not imagine what it is like to have to look back at one poorly made decision and realise that it may have cost me everything in my entire life, and yet she does. This is why in retrospect it may be harder on Carol than me.

I won't lie; even though I liked her, I never would have claimed that she was a one of a kind girl or that if I lost her I would never meet someone like that again. From my point of view she has shown that she does not deserve what I have to give her and it's as simple as that; I remove myself from the situation and move on to girls more worthy of my time. Meanwhile from her eyes she's insecure, naive and weak, lacking any form of real confidence, which probably contributed to the state of mind that led to this mistake. On top of this now she must live with what she's done, live with her one poor decision having resulted in all of this, and all of a sudden remorse and doubt starts to creep in. She worries that she'll never have a better chance to be happy or to find someone she likes as much (not helped by how other people act- see later), and she must live knowing that no one will ever look at her the same again, and it makes her feel alone and worthless. This is why i would urge these people to try and remember that she was once a decent person and to still be there for her, because she is going to need it.

The other flipside of all this is how it effects my relationships with everyone else. On the very first day this happened a formerly close friend of mine told me 'at least now I can hang out with you again'. Here I was never aware that I was keeping people at a distance but she wasnt the only one who felt this way, and now all of a sudden I feel free to branch out again. I also get the impression that certain girls who were distancing themselves from me are now beginning to let loose. Since I broke up with Carol 5 days ago I have been flirted with relentlessly, even by Carol's own friends! Needless to say this has left her in a terrible state.

The result is highly ironic, where this nightmare scenario has left my life arguably better off than it was before, and her's in ruins. I am trying to forgive her, I hope all of you can too.

As an offshoot of my own life a moral dilemma has appeared.
Can you forgive someone the ultimate sin under any circumstances?

Compulsive liars, for example, lie unendingly. I've seen someone who lied about the same thing more than 30 times in one day, each time changing the story slightly, and each time swearing on his/her life that this time was the absolute truth. This goes beyond just lying for the sake of lying; some people actually can not help themselves, it's like a disease.

This is the same for other bad deeds: can cheaters be forgiven if they only did it because theyre insecure? can murderers be forgiven for insanity? etc etc.

food for thought...

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