james debate
james debate

Wednesday 14 November 2007

Hey all, welcome back for another exciting update. Lots going on these days. First of all, got the iphone, its awesome, and whenever i whip it out it draws randomers to come commenting at me like a magnet, its so unreal the effect it has, and highly amusing. Also today I will write about new tv shows, the accursed tv writers' strike and more.

In other news the new flat continues to be awesome, in fact its shaping up better and better each day. My new bed spread is far too comfortable, i just cant get out of it in the morning. good thing as itll probably get a lot of use lol.
Along those lines we have a date for the housewarming party, which is going to be crazy. It will be next friday, the 23rd. If I haven't already i should be getting touch with you shortly about it.

Meanwhile I won't be around much longer, I'm going off to st peters hospital for my clinical attachment next week, which will last the next 4 weeks, after which im really looking forward to the concerts, football games, and my brother coming home over xmas, should be great.

got my schedule booked full with people coming to visit at the new flat, so ill see you soon, got lots to show you.
now if youll excuse me, im going to watch heroes, i love the british guy.

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