james debate
james debate

Thursday 17 May 2007

Today every Imperial College freshman has been asked to choose whether they want an Imperial degree or a University of London degree. It has caused qute the commotion, rightly so as no one in their right mind can see why we need to make this decision now, in our first of six long years here.

What most people don't realise is how little it matters at all. Imperial is a better school than the other London unis so you want that on your diploma? well no matter, its already on the ULU degree anyway. a ULU degree gives you access to tons of ULU facilities and prizes? well no matter, Imperial has their own stuff and is brining in more; in fact their prize money will exceed that of the ULU prizes.

So as you can see the only real difference is what gowns you wear when you graduate... and quite frankly until someone tells me what colours they each are I am completely stumped!

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