james debate
james debate

Thursday 17 May 2007

Hello all and welcome to the Ephemeric, giving you a burst of wisdom from all walks of life.

Details of who I am are fairly inconsequential, though if you're interested thats what the profile section is for; this blog is not just about me, like anyone who used to read my myspace blog might expect. Rather I will affix a label to the title of each article i post detailing the area I cover. To begin with these will come from one of: 'personal', 'sports', 'events', 'reviews', 'insights' and 'roundup' (where i will post anything that doesnt belong in a specific category), and i promise it will be light on the 'personal' compared to my old blog.

Posts will not come at regular intervals; I might do one per day, three per day, or one a month. Whatever the case I will only post when there is something useful to be said.

As always I invite all forms of feedback, queries and requests.

Enjoy your stay, and happy reading!

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