james debate
james debate

Sunday 19 April 2009

Further and further down the rabbit hole the Republican party tumbles; Choosing to ignore all qualified advice and the wishes of the voters by continuing its belligerent stand against the still popular and increasingly successful Obama administration, rather than attempting to take the high road like every other minority party generally tends to do after a month or two of pouting. But then this party has shown that it is no ordinary party.

embarrassing republican tea party

The latest amusing episode in the GOP soap opera involves these tea parties that the GOP and various right wing affiliations has been mercilessly plugging these recent weeks as a 'moment of revolution' where the 'people will take back their country' from the tyrannical tax and spend policies of the Democrats, never mind that Obama hasn't increased taxes on anyone a dime, and has in fact lowered taxes for the majority of Americans, but then at this point so few people are listening to them that they can pretty much say whatever they want.

And so this turned out to be the case, as these tea parties suffered a woeful turnout numbering in the hundreds nationally, certainly a far cry from the 2006 Immigrant's rights rallies and 2004 pro-choice march organized by the democrats which attracted millions of protesters. To add insult to injury, many parties were cancelled, after Republican organizers filed the wrong forms, reminding us once again why the vast majority of people don't think they are capable of running the country, when they can't even run a group of a few hundred schlubs having a tea party.

What is more worrying however, is that this is a disturbing return to classic GOP tactics from the last eight years. Rally support of the idiot demographic by distracting them from the real issues with short phrases and concepts that are easy to understand, like taxes, regardless of how true these claims are. I, along with most people including a large number of Republicans, had been hoping that the events of the past year would have gotten through to the GOP and made them understand the need to adapt how they run things, but then here they are, hoping the same old tricks will work.

So why is that worrying? These past few years the American public has wizened up and won't fall for this crap again surely? Well you never know. Any educated man would have assumed the general public was smart enough to avoid the calamities and downright atrocities of the past eight years, and yet they played right into it. So all we can do as rational people is hope that we have truly moved past this.

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