james debate
james debate

Sunday 19 April 2009

I don't update frequently enough these days to write separate commentaries on each individual television show out there sadly. So instead I will give you this quick little catch-all to update you on what's new and interesting in TV, and what is well past its sell-by-date.

Entourage (HBO)
Quite possibly one of the best shows currently on television, has maintained remarkable consistency now going into its sixth season, set to start again in the summer. Has also inspired AG jeans to produce a line of clothing based on Entourage, needless to say I own a few such items now.

Lost (ABC)
Has really hit full speed heading into its penultimate season, and every episode now is like a rollercoaster, finally offering as many answers as questions. Probably the best show on television right now, simply unmissable watching and a highlight of any week.

Heroes (NBC)
Volume three was god awful, and so did volume four start. However then came some big and dramatic news. The show's original creator Bryan Fuller, who left after season one (funny how it went downhill after that) to work on his show Pushing Daisies, which despite being awesome has now been cancelled. On top of this, the entire writing staff of Heroes was fired and replaced in one dramatic sweep. The last few episodes seem to indicate that there has been a slight increase in quality since all this drama took place, could a miraculous revival be on the cards?

the Cleveland show (FOX)
Still AWOL. Might not even exist, I mean if they originally had it scheduled for April then why didn't they have anything leading to Cleveland's departure written into the show? 10 bucks says this was just a bad joke.

Fringe (FOX)
After a largely disappointing and mediocre start, Fringe really hit the ground running after the winter break and now seems to have established its comfort zone. Fast becoming another essential weekly tradition from JJ Abrams, an X-Files for the 21st century, which largely succeeds due to the effortless charisma of the magnetic Joshua Jackson.

Ashes to Ashes (BBC)
Turned out to be a smash hit, far exceeding the viewership of Life on Mars, despite not being as good, is coming back for a second and probably third season, hopefully sometime this Month, unless it gets delayed again.

Life on Mars US remake (HBO)
Cancelled. Wasn't bad but wasn't especially good either, and certainly not what Americans expect from a sci-fi show that comes on right after Lost.

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