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james debate

Sunday 19 April 2009

Let's face it, everyone loves a good beer. A nice cold beer after a long hard day of work and toil is one of the greatest pleasures a man can experience without having to cuddle afterwards. But it saddens me to see so many people drinking from a cheap and tacky tipple, a miller lite or keystone light or some other cheap ass beer. And so, for your appreciation I have crafted this connoisseur's list of the top 5 beers in the world.

5. Hoegaarden
This classy white beer from Belgium is smooth and refreshing, with a fruity and mild aroma. Iconically typifies the Belgian witbieren.
hoegaarden beer

4. Sapporo
A Japanese beer with a crisp golden color and a slight taste of cider, this is the natural choice of beverage in sushi places (when I don't feel like sake, which is often). A pleasant alcohol/rice smell with a hint of sweetness.
sapporo beer

3. Sol
Throw in a lime and this mexican beer is a real delight, tasting of sunshine and summery days on the beach, will put a smile on your face.
sol beer

2. Duvel
Another Belgian beer, this one is smooth and creamy beyond belief. A sweet and honey-like odor, plus an intense and beautiful flavor. This is simply a worldclass beer.
duvel beer

1. Cusqueña
This premium Peruvian beer is like liquid gold in a bottle. It has the color and it has the sparkle, and fortunately this is a beer that tastes as good as it looks. Crisp, clean and yet very mellow, this is the sort of delightful beer that you can drink all night.
cusquena beer

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