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james debate

Wednesday 27 August 2008

In 1995, a company called Westwood changed videogames forever by introducing us to the original Command and Conquer. This game created a genre and years later, the franchise it spawned is still the yardstick against which all other real time strategy games are measured.

The spin off series, Red Alert, arguably has achieved even greater success, with a lighter tone and simpler, more appealing design and backstory; war between the Soviet Union and the Allies. Now, Red Alert is back and (quite possibly) better than ever, in Red Alert 3.

red alert 3 art ephemeric

This game brings back the good old formula of absurd action involving bombs, tanks and the odd trained dolphin with lasers attached to their head. Sprinkle in a few camp cutscenes involving big name actors (highlights this time include Jonathan Pryce, George Takei, Tim Curry, Peter Stormare, J K Simmons, and the list goes on) and kick ass lighting fast gameplay.

The first two Red Alert games were classics, and this looks to be even better, now bringing to the table multiplayer co-op campaigns, which are all the rage in videogames these days. This on top of the already kick ass multiplayer skirmishes should offer a formidably long lifespan.

Also coming to join in the fun this time is a brand new faction, the Empire of the Rising Sun. By now I'm sure you're getting bored with the Soviets and Allies blowing the crap out of each other, and so to remedy this, EA games have brought in this new faction, hailing from the far east.

It carries a very distinct anime style with robots and funky weapons. One of the characters even seems to be a japanese schoolgirl. You can bet your ass you won't hear me complaining. I just hope it all comes off a bit better than Yuri's 3rd faction last time around, which i was not too keen on to be honest.

So what does this mean for you? Seriously awesome multiplayer, some kick ass campaigns, and several months of me randomly interjecting soviet soundbytes into my vocabulary like 'affirmative', 'move out' and 'for mother russia!'. be afraid.

The game comes out October 28th, this is one to watch my friends.

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