james debate
james debate

Monday 18 August 2008

Since the iPhone application store launched there has been massive interest in becoming 'the next big hit' in a medium that has warranted high levels of attention from all corners of the media.

I have previewed many of these apps and even wrote a piece on them the day after the store opened a few weeks ago.

However, for the first time now I have an app for you that has me really, really excited. It's an app that I have no doubt will elicit equal levels of intrigue in many of my compatriots. iFooty. The first football (soccer) app on iTunes and the only app that I find myself using over and over every single day.

iFooty iphone James Debate

This app is for every single football fan out there. It accumulates all the information you need in one place and displays it all with elegance and panache. What's more, it's completely 100% free.

With this app you can choose any team from the four main English leagues and the Scottish premier league and from the app's homepage you will then see complete fixtures lists, results lists, get live match updates courtesy of the bbc, and an rss news feed that's updated in real time as the news gets reported, straight to your iPhone.

If you love football, you need this app. If you have even a vague interest in football, you need this app. This is only version 1.0, stay tuned for future updates with exciting new features and expanded coverage.

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