james debate
james debate

Friday 29 February 2008

So you've been out boozing all night, drunk an outrageously unhealthy mix of liquors and wine and beer and come home exhausted and ready for a night's sleep. Now you will likely have one or two main problems the next day:

1. your stomach will feel like it's angry and exacting its revenge on you
2. your head will feel like it's about to explode

Now there are three key things you need to avoid such a thing, I will tell you what they are first and then explain in more depth.

You will want:

1. water

2. bread

3. vitamin c

Now onto the specifics, where medical science and boozing combine beautifully. Your head will hurt as a result of dehydration, due to ethanol being a potent diuretic (makes you take a wiz), so one good way to avoid this is to
have a glass of water every now and then while you're out, or at least drink a nice pint or two of water when you get home before you go to bed, assuming your stomach can take it by that point, pace yourself if it can't.

The various stomach pains and nausea you may encounter comes from irritation of the stomach lining and the effects on liver metabolism. The break down of ethanol results in an increase in NADH production, which then drives the reaction to convert pyruvate to lactate. This draws pyruvate away from other important processes such as gluconeogenesis, which results in less glucose being supplied to the brain and tissues and can result in hypoglycemia and account for many hangover symptoms. So this can be countered in two effective ways, either by eating before or during your night out to absorb the ethanol and dilute its effect, or having a nice piece of toast or dish of pasta when you get home, works like a charm.  Vitamin C is very useful in speeding up the breakdown of ethanol, and therefore reducing its effect, eating some fruit as early as hours before going out can have a massive effect.

Hope that was helpful, safe drinking from Dr. Debs!

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