james debate
james debate

Saturday 23 February 2008

Anyone who's ever come over for lunch or a snack or a drink or one of my kickass parties will no doubt know that I'm a bit of a connoisseur of the best of the best food and drink. So now, for your pleasure I will give you the top 5 things that you've never heard of before but will be bloody thankful you have once i tell you to go get them.

1. Cusquenas (peruvian export beer) this is simply the king of beers, goes down smooth without tasting diluted, it's like pure mayan gold in a bottle, to the extent that even people who don't like beer try this and bloody love it. It's that good. Buy it now and thank me later, or come over and help yourself to one, you'll love it.

2. Manchego (spanish cheese) for anyone who likes to eat a bit of cheese every now and then, or keep some on hand for making sandwiches, cooking with pasta etc, this is THE shit. It has a dry mellow consistency much like pecorino cheese, but with an extra sweet tang to it, and as far as cheese goes, it's perfection.

3. Pavés (french chocolate) this is one of the most decadent things you will ever eat, and can only be bought in Paris is a specific shop on the rue université (ask and ye shall receive the full name) This is a box of deliciously hedonistic chocolate, richer than bill gates and darker than the night itself, the chocolate is divided into 1cm cubed cubes of soft, melt in your mouth chocolate that you eat with a tiny stick that comes with each box... just for extra pretensiousness

4. Billecart-Salmon (champagne) simply the best, get the rosé it's magical

5. Grape Juice (juice) those of you who know me know I have been a big fan of grape juice for many a year, and let me tell you, never underestimate the value of having a good simple, tasty juice to wash things down with; when you don't want something strong or when water just won't do

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