james debate
james debate

Friday 29 February 2008

Well this is the most pleasantly surprising headline i've ever seen. This time last year scrubs (admittedly a show in decline since it's early years) looked dead in the water. There was plenty of talk about whether or not Zach Braff (JD) would even return the for already penned 7th season. When he did eventually agree to it, it was decided that this would be the final season, and that scrubs would be no more after it, much to everyone's disappointment, if not to everyone's surprise.

Things seemed even more bleak this year with the writer's strike when Scrubs was halted a good few episodes from the end, which hadn't even been scripted yet. There was much discussion about the possibility that the last ever episode may never be aired on tv, despite passionate exhortations from the producers that they would show it online if they had to.

Now however, much to everyone's (everyone who had been in the loop) shock, there seems to be fresh plans on not only finishing this 7th season, but also bringing the show back for an 8th! This however is a slightly stickier deal than it first appears. The deal, agreed only in principle at the time of writing, is with the television network ABC (broadcasters of Lost), as opposed to NBC who have been showing scrubs (as well as classic sitcoms like Seinfeld and Friends) until now. There is little love lost between these networks and it remains to be seen how cleanly the changing of teams will go, if indeed it does go through.
This one wonders if NBC will still market these last episodes of season 7 as the 'final episodes' of scrubs, hurting ABC in the process.

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