james debate
james debate

Monday 1 June 2009

Good times. I'm sure I say this every summer, but this summer seems to be the hottest summer we've ever had in England, it is absolutely scorching outside. And I am bloody loving studying out in the sunshine in my shorts and NY Mets cap.

Speaking of studying I just had my OSCE examination, and jesus, I am still traumatized by that. It's not just that it's kinda hard, it's that it's hard, so artificial and places such unnecessary pressure that simply doesn't emulate the feeling of a real clinical situation. When dealing with a real patient I can generally take the time to think quite coherently, and if need be I can always go back to him and ask him more questions a few minutes later.

The OSCE, on the other hand places such absurd formality on every station that you feel more like you're in military boot camp. And not the Top Gun kind, the unnecessarily ultraviolent Starship Troopers kind. I found myself making stupid mistakes and brain slips that I never have and never would make again, so in what sense is this an accurate assessment?

I think it is a ridiculous way to evaluate students after their first clinical year, and frankly a much better way would be to involve assessments throughout the year, in a real hospital setting, rather than just piling all the pressure into a 2 hour artificial dog & pony show with fucking hired actors. On the plus side, if I do have to resit it, at least this time I will know what to expect and it will probably throw me less.

On the other hand this EMQ exam is much more my cup of tea, I'm damn good at science, even though everyone else seems to be positively dreading it.

Anyway exams are stupid so fuck them. I also went to the FA cup final today, and it was a hell of an experience. I've been to Wembley before, but never been there and won! I must say it makes a big difference. The Everton fans, by and large are also generally a much more likable bunch than those who lead to the red side of the Scouse spectrum. Top match and personally I'm going to miss Hiddink, I never thought we'd find someone better than Jose, but we did.

So what have I got coming up this summer? Not entirely clear. First I have an iFooty board meeting in Champagne, which is going to be awesome. Other than that, the traditional family retreat to Tuscany and then I might try and gather up some people to go someplace new later, but nothing definite.

I also need to get back into the housing market, which frankly I can't be bothered to do, it's been such a pain in the arse this past year looking for flats.

Also, BBQ, and lots of it. Man I love the summer.

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