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Monday 29 September 2008

Well I don't know about you but it's been a long summer, waiting for the new television season to begin and for my favorite shows to come back. Particularly after the extra-lengthy break caused by the early suspension of last season due to the writer's strike. Well fortunately it's that time of year again and many of the top shows are returning.

So in this article we discuss which tv shows are returning that are worthy of keeping an eye on.

House (FOX)
Hit medical tv show entering it's fifth season. Starring Hugh Laurie of blackadder fame. Kicks serious ass. Season 5 has made a bold move in removing a key character, it remains to be seen how this will be received. With such top notch writing though hopes are high.
ETA: Already started

Entourage (HBO)
Stylish show about an actor in California and his friends from back home, living the outrageously sweet and flashy life we all wish we had. Seriously addicting, now entering it's fifth season. Lot's of celebrity cameos. New season has started in a similar fashion to how it ended, and that's a damn good thing, believe me.
ETA: Already started

Lost (ABC)
A show that really needs no introduction. If you know what this show is then its return will be one of the happiest moments of your life, and if you don't then you don't bother reading this. Now entering its fifth season.
ETA: January 1st 2009

Family Guy (FOX)
Edgy and hilarious cartoon that started off as a Simpsons rip off but has become so much more. Now entering its seventh season.
ETA: September 28th 2008

Heroes (NBC)
Thrilling super hero show which wowed the world with its first season and somewhat fizzled on the second, will the third season see a return to form? Sadly no. I'll try not to list any spoilers here but the debut was pretty terrible this year. It was semi enjoyable to watch... but the writing was atrocious at times, the characters were stupid and completely out of whack (particularly note Mohinder and Bennett in this episode), it felt like we were watching a fan-submitted script of the show. Filled with cringe moments and pure stupidity throughout, the final moments of the second episode made me want to smash my tv, worst writing i've seen in a tv show for years, it was forced, unnecessary and just generally cliché. This show will be dead if it doesn't turn things around, and fast.
ETA: Already started

Simpsons (FOX)
Legendary cartoon show that frankly everyone knows what it is. Now returning for it's 20th season.
ETA: September 28th 2008

Scrubs (ABC)
Quality medical tv show that has come back yet again from the verge of cancellation, now switching over to the ABC network for its 8th and likely final season (though we've heard that before). Not as amazing as it once was, still warrants a watch.
ETA: January/February 2009

the Cleveland show (FOX)
Brand new spin off from Family Guy starring fringe character Cleveland. On paper the worst idea ever, how will it pan out? Recently been delayed until next spring, a bad sign?
ETA: April 1st 2009 (maybe it's all an april fools joke? thatd be awesome)

Pushing Daisies (ABC)
Pure class, a show about a pie maker who can bring people back from the dead. Has a witty dark sense of humour and is directed like a Tim Burton wet dream. Definitely destined to be a hit.
ETA: 1st October 2008

Fringe (FOX)
New tv show from JJ Abrams, the creator of Lost and Cloverfield. Billed as the new X-files, it certainly packs a lot of style, remains to be seen how much substance it has to back that up in the long run. The pre-credits segment of episode 3 is one of the best openings I've seen on tv in a long time.
ETA: Already started

Ashes to Ashes (BBC)
Sequel series to the awesome Life on Mars. Not as good as its predecessor but still kicks the crap out of other English shows.
ETA: February 2009

Life on Mars US remake (HBO)
The original was pure class, one of the best shows ever. The early pilot of the remake was pure tripe and one of the most painful hours of my life. Nonetheless we wait patiently to see how the final product turns out. Don't hold your breath, but make sure to at least keep an eye on this one... for now...
ETA: October 9th 2008

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