james debate
james debate

Sunday 21 September 2008

First of all, how funny is the whole Sarah Palin email stuff?

I was going to post some screens up here but it seems like some people are getting in trouble for doing that so I decided against it. I know it's a horrible thing, and I should feel sorry for her, but quite frankly that's what you get if you're a big time politician and you're dumb enough to exchange sensitive emails on a personal yahoo account!

It's like watergate except this time people barely had to lift a finger to find out what shenanigans Palin has been up to. I hope they picked up an interesting tidbit or two about her corrupt goings on with the whole brother-in-law trooper debacle.

So meanwhile polls have returned to where they were right before the conventions, Obama a couple of % ahead of McCain.

3 Weeks of media hacks talking about how Obama's convention bounce meant McCain was dead, and then trying to explain the 'tactical genius' at McCain's convention that gave him the lead for the first time all year.

And now that Obama has retaken the lead everyone is trying to analyze why that might be. What rubbish, just the news networks trying to milk the election and get viewers. Campaigns always have a brief bounce after their conventions, it's as simple as that. Obama had his, McCain had his, and now it's all returned back to how it was before, where's the mystery?

Don't get me wrong, i'm sure McCain's complete economic cluelessness has had some effect on the current polls, and McCain's cynical and shameless selection of Sarah Palin helped boost his profile in recent weeks. But there is absolutely no doubt that the polls were always going to fluctuate now thanks to the convention.

So let's not try and read too much into the poll numbers right now ok?

In any case it looks like McCain is going to have a hard time staying afloat right now with all this economic turmoil. Very hard luck for him, but essentially every economic principle he has supported in his campaign has now been blamed for this crash, the biggest since the great depression. Considering he has already been quoted as admitting he know's nothing about the economy this looks very bad for him for this to be highlighted so dramatically this week.

Of course considering McCain seems to change his policies fairly regularly to match whatever will get him the most votes, this might not be a problem for him, all he has to do is suddenly support economic regulation for the first time in his 800 year career... oh wait, he already did that this week. I can only hope that the majority of voters going to the polls on November 4th have a memory span of longer than 20 minutes, and judging by Obama's increasing lead in the polls that looks like it may actually be the case.

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