james debate
james debate

Monday 31 March 2008

No, it's not the sequel to Project Cloverfield. This is a Montreal based charity, one that you will absolutely love to give money to. The concept is simple and very clever. Yellowbird has asked a number of their favorite indie bands to design a t-shirt, and then they sell it on their website, with all the proceeds going to a charity of the band's choice.

This is great fun, and many of the t-shirts are very cool. Bands such as Stars, the Shins and Clap Your Hands say Yeah have signed up, and they're all pretty great. Myself, I have gone for the Stars shirt, being that I love the band, and I think their t-shirt is the best looking as well.

Do be sure to have a look next time you feel like being charitable, or if you feel like buying something to remind you of your favorite bands, or simply if you just want to purchase something a little unique, a little different that no one else will have.

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