james debate
james debate

Friday 21 March 2008

Let's face it: we all procrastinate, it's only human and indeed it's one of the few pure pleasures in life these days. But sometimes in life there comes an occasion where you really need to actually get something done. Like work, or studying or what have you. I may slack off an awful lot, like now for example, but I am also an expert on buckling down to some hard work when necessary, and now with this quick and easy 'how to' guide, you too can unlock your potential and stop yourself from procrastinating.

Step1: Identify the reason for procrastination. Is it because you are easily distracted? scared of failing? a perfectionist who can't start until everything is perfect?

Step2: Break your task down into small chunks, then tackle each portion as if it were a seperate task.

Step3: Set deadlines. For example give yourself small-scale deadlines. eg 'I will read 30 pages in the next hour'.

Step4: Work in small blocks of time. Try going for one or two hour stretches with a small break at the end.

Step5: Start with the easiest part of a big project. For example if you are writing an essay and having difficulty with the introduction, write the main body of text first, and then do the intro later.

Step6: Pretty obvious, but eliminate potential distractions. Turn the tv off, put your phone on silent, etc.

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