james debate
james debate

Sunday 8 March 2009

I like my new digs. It's weird to be back here again, especially with so many people who used to be in my life last time I was here who are now gone, either graduated, changing uni, or just plain vanished off the face of the Earth. I guess after three years of it some people just get tired of the social side of uni, because there are one or two people who literally, no one has heard from in months.

That being said it's a pleasant weirdness, and it's bloody good to be back in south London right in the thick of the action, able to go out and do things without an hour commute first! Crazy Larry's is still as epically cheesy as ever, the Slug still shows all the football, and god bless that cinema, been there twice in the past week.

Restaurants I've been to in the past week that earn my seal of approval: La Famiglia, The Big Easy, Bodean's and the Waterside. Restaurants that sucked: El Metro, dear god what an awful place.

However this weekend I am away, birthday party Saturday night (a long train ride away - oy vey) and Sunday, assuming I actually wake up before noon I'm going to lunch with the film soc. And then, finally, comes the final week in this accursed Chelsea & Westminster firm that has been taking so much of my time, followed by a quick excursion to Boston for my 4-day weekend, which will likely be filled with much boozing as it is the first time I'll have been in America since turning 21! kick ass, is all I can say.

Send you guys a post card from Boston, have a good weekend all!

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