james debate
james debate

Friday 20 February 2009

Well it's been a tiring week. On the one hand I've finalized a flat for the rest of the year, by which point hopefully prices will be low enough that I can buy. But this hunt has been carried out on top of all the hardcore medicine I've been getting up to, 2500 word case study now complete, examinations are starting to come together, clinical skills solidifying, and frankly i've had about enough of clinical experience, can I have some more lectures please? Some words I never thought i'd say...

Now comes the fun part of having a flat, the housewarming. I'm a little hesitant after the furor caused by the last one, and because I don't much fancy getting my ass kicked out so quickly, but something will be done, and in traditional style it will be awesome. I think it's time to come up with a theme

However I have had the joy of a little privacy once again, with the entire house to myself for two weeks. I've resisted the urge to throw any crazy house parties during that time, but I've certainly been getting up to a fair bit of entertaining. Probably has something to do with how i've managed to find myself out more nights this week than not, which needless to say has not been doing much good for my hospital routine. Hell sometimes it's worth going in late the next morning when you have a reason to lie-in.

A friend of mine recently told me he's thinking of quitting Imperial, and it really got me thinking about this place. I'm starting to enjoy it again myself, after becoming a bit disillusioned, but I can see where he's coming from. At times this university feels less like College and more like a bad teen drama, i'm sure it has to do with the stressful course we're on, but far too many people here are just uptight, insecure and far too concerned with how people look at them. Not the first time i've said it, won't be the last, and it's exhausting sometimes. The important thing is to find the more laid back people around here and just let the rest drive each other nuts if they want.

In more amusing news, now that Hiddink is at Chelsea, suddenly those season tickets of mine are hot properties again, already got the next 3 home games booked out, let's just hope the team starts doing better!

And the most important news of all, it was Didier's first birthday 2 days ago! Happy Birthday Didier!

happy cat didierDidier - 3 weeks old

happy cat didierDidier - 1 year old, opening his present

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