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james debate

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Now I have brought many unknown up and coming bands to your attention over the years, and as you know I like to find artists who sound a bit different, fresh and unique. Well this time, more than perhaps any other, I can certainly deliver that.

So today I present a band destined for great success in the coming year, Passion Pit!

When you first listen to them, you'll likely be thinking, what the hell am I listening to? And don't worry, because I thought the same thing. It's jarring and strange, but frankly it might also be genius.

I hate to be one of those guys who describes a band by likening them to someone else, but just to give you some idea of what they roughly sound like, think the Postal Service on acid, with a hint of the Avalanches. Really it's hard to compare it to much else as it is a very unique sound.

Such a unique sounding band also comes with a unique origin story. Michael Angelakos created a set of songs in his bedroom on really basic technology for his former girlfriend as a belated Valentine's Day gift. After hearing how exceptional the set of songs was the present ended up finding it's way around his college campus and became quite popular. Out of this small success, Angelakos formed himself a band and earned a record deal.

His full album is due early this year, and will not include any of the songs on his EP, instead being an entirely new piece of work.

Now this is basically an amateur demo album, far from a finished product, but the potential is there for all to see. This guy has something about him for sure.

So what songs should you check out?

Better Things
I've Got Your Number

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