james debate
james debate

Saturday 26 July 2008

Anyone who tried coming on here today will have noticed some pretty radical, abeit temporary, changes. We apologise for that, blog simply went nuts for a few hours, but it's all better now.

Meanwhile we have some new additions to the site, notably the buzzfeed section on the side bar, bringing a constantly changing selection of the hottest items found in various places online. So now when you come on here, if you finish reading the content we have available and can't be bothered to go check out our 'appreciated links' section, just have a quick glance at what interesting tidbits are making the rounds on buzzfeed now.

You will notice that today's is a very very short entry... simply put this is because the only reason i'm making another entry now is to post my review of the Dark Knight. Go give it a read it's spoiler-free, and then go watch the film because it's truly special.

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