james debate
james debate

Monday 19 May 2008

It's rare in life that something occurs that is so beautifully poetic and ironic that it makes you want to just lie back and smile, satisfied in the justice of it all. However, as Eliot Spitzer shows us, sometimes it does happen.

Spitzer was a very prominent politician and former Governor of New York, known for being a real hardass on corruption and greed and other elements of the 'shadier' side of affluent life in America. Once tipped as a future contender for the Presidency, Spitzer also very notably and very vociferously condemned videogames such as Grand Theft Auto for its 'loose morals' and for depicting such offensive and disgusting material such as guns, crime and prostitutes. (which of course has NEVER been depicted in any other medium such as films or literature).

Roll on a few months and we, along with all the other 'hypocritical moron' bashers out there are pleased to announce that Spitzer's career is now over following being busted with a series of (the aforementioned disgusting) prostitutes, forcing him to resign from his position citing 'personal failings'. Indeed. The ironic thing is the way he got caught, massive bank balance transfers being flagged by the system and traced to the rather illegal source, almost identical to many similar busts that he was so famous for making against corrupt businessmen.

On to the next!

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