james debate
james debate

Saturday 19 April 2008

Well I suppose a lot has happened since the last time I spoke to some of you, so quickly I'll just say all is well; i'm not driving myself insane about work like so many others, i'm continuing my writing, and I had a very enjoyable encounter with a certain someone the other day :)

Best of all, however, is the new addition to the family, Didier. Didier differs from my other family members in that he is a small kitten. He's amazing and adorable and you can't spend 5 minutes with him without falling in love. He also has some pretty sweet football skills, better than half the players on Chelsea right now let me tell you.

In other glorious news, it appears Arrested Development, aka the greatest tv show ever written, is finally achieving some level of deserved appreciation in the general public. I say this based on the fact that it can now be seen on british tv, 3 episodes every night. Indeed this appears to be pretty typical, where great underappreciated tv shows which get cancelled or on the verge of cancellation (see family guy, futurama, scrubs) fail in America, but then achieve some real success in England (clearly we recognise quality tv much better than Americans). In the aforementioned examples, family guy and futurama have since been un-cancelled, and scrubs has suddenly achieved mass recognition and has also been un-cancelled.
The other pleasant sign of appreciation is that this show can now be found on itunes, where it is also on the top downloaded tv shows charts, and rightly so. Looks like it's finally being appreciated.
Also Pushing Daisies is now available in the English itunes store. Go buy it, it's one of the best new tv shows in many many years.

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