james debate
james debate

Tuesday 22 January 2008

I recently cast my eyes on this article, detailing how four very bright young (and sexy) medical students won an experimental 'NHS Innovation' Prize. Truly worth a read, this impressive feat is mentioned not only in this article but also in a few papers on the ashford and st peters website as well.

In short, these are very bright prospects in the world of Medicine. The article is here: http://www.ashfordstpeters.nhs.uk/intranet/Ashford---/News-and-C/Aspire-Bul/14-01-08-ASPire-Bulletin-186.pdf

and for those of you who couldnt care less about the NHS i post this picture of the prize winners, particularly the guy in the green cashmere sweater. now thats a doctor. youd love his opthalmoscope inside you.

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