james debate
james debate

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It's in moments such as this that many of life's truths become clarified. First of all, i seriously need to work more. I was out last night, i'm going out again tomorrow night and wednesday night (for the Barca game) and I have far too much work during the day to study properly. I wish the Earth could slow down for a bit so the days would have more hours in it. Oh well.

Meanwhile It seems like everyone I talk to is getting sick of Imperial College, though I suspect that it's just getting to that time of year where we all need a good summer vacation. I'm still pretty happy, even if quite a large proportion of the people here make me despair. I'm used to people who are less insecure and cliquey, a lot of people here wouldn't even leave their room without considering the affect it might have on their 'social status', good grief how old are we...

One of my formerly good friends is a perfect example of this, I try to figure out why he/she has been so off with me for a number of months now, but then I realize that I'm trying to rationalize the thought process of someone who by the end of Freshers week was convinced that half the guys/girls in halls were trying to slip daterape into his/her drink. Groan...

That being said, I generally find that when things like this happen and friends are lost, two more come up to take their place. But then I am a silly, optimistic kind of guy like that. And as such there is much to look forward to in the near future. 80s movie nights, football games, a couple of dinners at my favorite restaurants in the next week, and there are a few films I'm pretty keen to see, Star Trek looks pretty epic, and I hear pretty good things about Coraline.

And then of course once these exams are over there will be much traveling in the summer, France? Italy? America? Hong Kong? Potentially all of the above, which would be nice.

Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekends.

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