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james debate

Sunday, 7 December 2008

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Hey everybody. Time was I would use this blog to send out a nice little message to my friends, but these days so many people come here and read what I have to say about various things, so I may as well extend this message to everyone out there.

Hope you've all got a great holiday season coming up. I myself am heading off to Paris for some champagne and shopping just as soon as my exams and project is all over. It's a good year and despite the economic crisis, I can't help but feel that the world is becoming a better place, and will continue to do so over the next few years. We finally have an intelligent government in control of the most powerful nation on Earth, a government that believes in bringing us science and progress rather than simply pursuing as much power and control as possible, and that is great news for each and every one of us.

However it feels a bit weird to be doing such important work at this time of year with exams and everything, not something I'm used to, but it's mitigated somewhat by the fact that I'm actually enjoying the course very much, a lot more than I enjoyed the first two years, this bSC is great stuff.

The one thing missing right now is my own flat, which has meant that I have to commute everywhere from home up in Hampstead and means i've been spending a bit less time with friends. That being said it's likely I'm seeing friends just as much, but just having to spend longer to go out and see them, and then having to come back late at night is a pain.

As those who know me know, there was a lovely young lady i'd been seeing recently, but now sadly that's over and so my nice big double room in the fanciest hotel in Paris looks like it will house just me after all, which is very annoying, but will still be a pretty smashing vacation. And contrary to rumours I can't say there's anyone who's caught my eye since then, once again I am increasingly becoming jaded with Imperial in that respect. It's not a shallow thing, it's that so many of the very few girls in this place are so frustrating; childish, boring, undeservedly arrogant (even if they're a complete waste of space as in some cases), wearing their insecurities on their sleeves, and it's just plain... boring, like i've been sucked into some derivative high school drama for tweens. If I meet a girl who can even name two plays she's been to see in the past year (and they're not fucking 'wicked' or 'cats') then i'll take them out tonight!

Moving right along, another club, Chinawhite, is closing, so I would encourage everyone to go check it out while they still can. I guess i'll be off to Strawberry Moons from now on.

I've also started doing my christmas shopping, and while I won't reveal what i've got anyone here I will say that my bank balance is feeling the pain. Since when did anything even half decent cost so damn much? Or have my standards just risen?

Lastly a note for you guys (and gals) i've been talking to about going to see the Killers in concert, i've just realized it's right in the middle of our hospital placement, so I don't know if anyone is still up for that, i've had two people back out already. Get back to me guys or I'll come find you.

Y'all have a good Holiday everyone and I'll see you in the new year.

Big smiles,

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