james debate
james debate

Monday, 13 October 2008

I can't believe it's already been three weeks into my time at St. Peter's hospital. Soon enough I'll be back in London and able to hang out with all you guys again, which I haven't really been able to do much recently aside from on weekends (and the pub crawl).

As I have said i'm really looking forward to my next placement at Chelsea & Westminster hospital in Chelsea, as well as starting my Neuroscience BSc before that. But clearly before that, there is business to tend to.

I am STILL homeless. This whole financial crisis has really made things complicated as far as buying a property is concerned, and now I am unsure of whether it is still the right time to buy. My current thinking suggests that it might make sense to wait til next year, possibly as long as next summer.

So the question is what the hell do i do til then? I think might have to take a short let somewhere if I don't settle on a property soon. Just a temporary short term thing, I wonder what it'd be like to live near the river for a few months?

Imperial is not a great place to meet new people, something which I am learning more and more. Sometimes I wonder if I should have gone to an American university instead, seems like a much more balanced environment and experience by comparison. Ah well screw it, that's not why i came here anyway.

I wonder about my fellow students as well sometimes, a lot of people around here still act like they're in high school. I was having a conversation with someone they other day where my friend commented on how everyone at Imperial seems so friendly... well i agree but I think I need to stress the word 'seems' there. Let me say that's only with a small minority of people of course. Just occasionally I talk to people and think he/she really needs to grow up, it seems to be a recurring problem in a university with a relatively large proportion of students with low self esteem.

Sadly that's all the griping I can do tonight, guess that must mean that i have very little to gripe about these days. Remember that if you're reading this, most likely you're someone I like, and above all this that I describe here.

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