james debate
james debate

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Well what a week it's been. Only just got my driver's license and now it's already time to start preparing for that inevitable return to university.

This year is a bit special. Instead of doing the same thing as the last two years and obsessing over sometimes interesting, sometimes pointless, pure science and biology, we have 26 weeks this year of real work experience in hospitals. This has got me excited about medicine all over again, after frankly becoming a little bit jaded over the past two years of rather wasteful usage of our time.

Even more exciting is my upcoming trip to the Champagne region of France, expect many reviews of good champagnes next week. And lots of pictures of course.

Other than that though, I can't help but feel like I should be feeling more mellow and relaxed than I currently am. I can't shake the feeling like I have far too much that needs doing, even when it doesn't really seem like I do.

Unusually, I've found that this summer I end up spending a lot of time with old friends, people from my time at Eton, both Etonians and non Etonians, as opposed to my friends from Imperial. Perhaps it's because I spend so much time with them during the rest of the year, perhaps it's because it's such an international school and lots of people are away right now... maybe it's something else.

There's something about a very large number of Imperial students that doesn't sit right with me; very highly strung, very serious, headcase types. It doesn't bug me so much with my friends, I'm quite a tolerant kinda guy normally. But it's especially noticeable when you try dating someone here, and I keep learning that the hard way.

So once again my summer comes to an end with my life on a bit of a high, but once again the search for a girl whos even vaguely palatable begins, and Imperial is not the best place for that... for various reasons.

Anyway enough about me bitching about people. Enjoy reading the other articles and hope you're all having a kick ass summer still. Hope you all enjoyed your postcards!

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