james debate
james debate

Friday, 18 July 2008

Good week.
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith came out, and even though I can't be bothered to review it, it is pretty ok. It's not nearly as good as a normal guitar hero game though, largely because Aerosmith simply don't have enough good songs to carry an entire guitar hero game on their own. As a result some of the highlights end up being the non aerosmith songs (aside from one or two golden tunes). In fact there are only a small handful of artists who could pull it off. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Billy Joel (though hes not very guitar heroey) and David Bowie.

In other news I'm tired. Partly because I've been driving a lot (4 hours per session) which is tough anyway, but especially somewhere like London; and partly because I didn't sleep so well last night, had some crazy dreams. I can only vaguely remember it, a little bit of x-files-esque action here and there, one particular scene where I was riding a cow sticks out in my mind... and then this girl, who I have no idea who she is, and yet even when I woke up I could have sworn I knew her. I can only vaguely remember what she looked like, but there was something hauntingly familiar about the way she and I interacted... I cant quite put my finger on it. Any dream experts out there?

I've also been writing again, more consistently now. It's shaping up quite well, with a working title of 'T-365'. Maybe i'll have something to show you guys soon.

Can't wait to go to Italy soon.

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