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james debate

Saturday, 21 June 2008

This has been a pretty eventful week. Recently I have been very keen to keep this flat I am living in, looking for renters to replace my current flatmate when she leaves, and indeed I was following up on one or two people who expressed an interest. However this has changed now.

We had another party this week. I am told it was a success, as were the last few I've thrown here, but sadly I was not in a position to enjoy it this time, running around all night sorting out various problems. All of this culminated in a slightly unfortunate accident and one very harshly worded complaint from a neighbour (who attempted to pass the accident off as an act of vandalism!). Now to begin with, I had planned, run and finished this party in full contact with my neighbours, making sure their needs were met, and even ending the party early on the night following some unfortunate commotion. I even spent a large portion of my night reporting the incident and cleaning up. Over the next 72 hours I was ignored, lied to and generally treated by crap by the estate office of Queens Club Gardens, and I was completely at a loss to explain why, considering how minor the problem was, how quickly I dealt with it and paid for it, and I ended up with a very angry landlord on my hands, who indicated that he would be intending to terminate my tenancy.

Somewhat shocked and distraught I consulted the real estate agents who have been acting as liaison between the landlord and me. The real issue here is simply that as a lowly, lowly 'renter' I am considered too poor and unimportant to deserve fair treatment and to be listened to. Even in the face of absolutely absurd false reports and actually the support of a number of my neighbours (only one actually complained, even though the estate office lied to me and told me otherwise). The estate office is basically paid for by the property owners in queens club and so quite clearly are going to suck up to them whenever possible no matter what the situation. It is exactly the same with my landlord, who has to look good in front of everyone who owns a flat here, just in case one of them is at all influential.

The real point of crossing the line was when the landlord demanded that a real estate agent come around to investigate my flat for any damage or drugs or signs of smoking or whatnot. Clearly this is bullshit, and when the agent came around and found the flat to be completely spotless she was not at all surprised (being the only person involved in this matter who isn't a moron). An hour later i have an email from my landlord retracting his previous statement and offering me an extension to my lease. I suppose that is what I wanted, but after this bitter affair I definitely have half a mind to tell him to shove his lease up his ass.

What this incident has shown me is that being a renter is not for me. I don't tolerate treatment like this from anyone and I think this might just be the encouragement I have been waiting for to enter the buyer's market and buy a flat.

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