james debate
james debate

Monday, 19 May 2008

nah just kidding, i heard that Chicane song earlier today and it's pretty sweet, but actually its looking pretty damn sunny today, after a few days of unnecessary greyness.

I've decided that the 'hard to get' approach doesn't work on me. Not because I don't respond to that attitude, just because half the time i'm far too oblivious to notice. I mean there are some people I can read like a book and can always pick up on these things, but especially with people i've just met, i'm surprised by the number of times i meet people, think they're being really cold with me and then later find out they were into me. Crazy shit.

In more intersting news i'm bloody loving this summer. BBQs, pubnights, and regular 3 and 4day weekends. The sun has even been out a few times recently, hoping it becomes more consistent so I can finally go make use of my garden, maybe have a few picnics.

I need to start studying one of these days.

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