james debate
james debate

Sunday, 16 March 2008

First of all a little repost to someone who criticised the openness of some of my personal blog posts (apparently i should bottle everything up like a mature adult) i'm sure its only a tiny minority of you who would think such a thing but its not a 'gimmick' to get people reading this blog, anyone who knows me knows i'm always a frank and straight shooting kind of guy; i'm glad you like the way i 'tell it like it is' but i don't do it for you lot, I do it because I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror if i became like everyone else out there and added to the perpetual bullshit people immerse themselves in on a regular basis. Also I was sure I made this perfectly clear in each of my posts but anything i talk about here tends to already be in the public domain. People love to gossip, and do so all the time. The best way to avoid rumours is to set the record straight yourself. This is just common sense :)

In other news i am on holiday now. A disgustingly long 6 week easter holiday, the longest i've ever had. Not entirely sure what to do now that no one else is around. Guess i'll study. Got lives to save and whatnot.

My other big thought from this week regards cinema marketing. You know what film is being advertised on tv way more than any other movie at the moment? Is it cult phenomenon cloverfield? oscar winning no country for old men? indie classic juno? nope its meet the spartans, the latest god awful 'sattire' on cinema, making fun of everything from 300 to cloverfield to err... donald trump. What is even more mind boggling is how successful this movie was in the united states box office, yet another example of exactly what is wrong in the human race and further proof that we are all doomed to extinction as a species. Thank God the UK seems to be immune from this kind of schlock.

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