james debate
james debate

Sunday, 9 March 2008

At the moment it looks like my special evening will not be going forward, down to issues appeasing my flatmate, so sorry to get your hopes up with that. As much as I'd like to say we'll do it another time it doesn't look very possible with holidays and exams coming up.

Following up from my last entry I am feeling a bit of the 'did i do the right thing' remorse, which is a truly strange feeling for me as i never second guess my self usually, probably because i'm almost always right about things. I'm sure it will pass.

My other major musing this week was about Euro 2008. The tv station that paid top dollar for the rights to show those games must be kicking themselves now. Usually an event like Euro 2008 would be the most watched thing in the country and a cash cow for the tv channels with the right to air the games live. Now that England haven't qualified you can bet the ratings for those games will be slashed into tiny fractions. No wonder the media hate maclaren so much. Think of all the money he cost them. Leave us not forget that money pretty much controls football these days.

Another good episode of Lost this week. seeing 'there will be blood tonight' so next post ill write up a review of all the oscar favorites this year, there were some really good ones.
Oh yeah, and my stalker is back.

Occasionally i get some complaints for being so blunt and calling it like it is on this blog, but quite frankly, quad erat demonstratum ;)

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