james debate
james debate

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Yes it is indeed possible. You can watch every live game of football on your computer, for free. Even games which aren't on tv, so literally EVERY game. How is such a thing possible? and is it legal?

Well to answer the second question first, yes it is legal, and to explain why I will answer the first question. The premierleague is corrupt and money grubbing and loves to flog its product for all it's worth. This is not news. The television networks are not allowed to show certain games live (3pm kick offs on saturdays for example) and sometimes it is simply not possible to show every game because theyre being played at the same time. This obviously presents a problem by decreasing the potential revenue from these matches. Since all the games are filmed anyway, for match of the day, football first etc, they cleverly make the most of this by selling the rights to these games to one of the myriad of foreign sports channels in countries with a large english population (or large anglophilic population) such as china, hong kong, south korea and the like. So what happens is that very clever people in each of these countries receive the games on their tv, and then stream them over the internet, for allof us back here in england to watch, with only a minute or two delay.

Now on to the important bit, how does one do this?

First of all you need software that can receive these streams. Notable examples include TVANTS, Sopcast, ppstream and TVU. Of these my favorite is sopcast, as it is in english, it is user friendly and importantly it is free of ad-ware, which is not the case with some of the others out there.

Next you need to find these streams. This is very easy these days, much more so than it used to be. Go to www.myp2p.eu and navigate to the sports>football pages and voilĂ  you have a list of every game of football being streamed today. Simply click on the one you want to watch and find a link specific to whichever software you prefer to use (there's usually a couple of different ones)

There you go, enjoy the live football! Pretty soon having to wait until match of the day is on to see your team play will be a thing of the past.

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