james debate
james debate

Saturday, 23 February 2008

First a little general background about this week: there was a lot of booze. This is RAG week, which anyone will tell you is a magical time when alcohol flows like running urine all in the name of charity. Yesterday in particular was the Circle Line pub crawl, where we start drinking at 11am and keep drinking until after midnight, hitting every stop on the circle line to collect money for charity (and get a drink at every single one of the 27 stops) followed by an after party at the Reynolds for those who manage to get all the way through this ordeal.

As so often seems to happen on nights like these people get drunk enough that they actually come up to me and praise me for my blog, typically people i never even knew were aware of its existence, which frankly makes it all the more enjoyable. A lot of somewhat surprised sounding talk about how open and frank my blog is, but quite frankly that's why it warrants such respect; if i pulled my punches and tiptoed around the issues then this would just be some wussy emo poncey french blog. He did also make me think about something though. He was attempting to read into the ambiguous comments I have made about my personal life to try and guess who I was talking about. I'm quite intrigued people do that, but I suppose that's human nature. For anyone reading this, i'll save you some time, don't bother trying to read into it, i'm quite complicated, and cautious enough not to leave clues that lead you to anything I don't explicitly say, if you think I have it just means you don't know the full story :) Besides if it was that interesting i'd say it here anyway.

That being said I'm going to make another one of these enigmatic comments for you to go nuts over. Even though there is someone i've been seeing a bit the last week or two it's not gotten serious yet, and today i dare say i'm having second thoughts after encountering someone I used to be quite sweet for whilst at lectures. The thing is, there are plenty of girls i've been out with or who people know i've been interested in who are really fun or pretty or just generally lovely in every way, and this girl (who i've mentioned on here before if anyone wants to try and find it and add it all together :P) is no different, but she's just... she's the type of girl who I can't tell why i like her more than other people: she's not prettier, possibly less pretty than many girls i've been with recently, she's not very outgoing and a little withdrawn, and yet... there's something about her, everytime i see her it feels like life is wonderful and sunny and sugary, and her smile instantly cures whatever ails me, its amazing really and i dont fully understand it.

Meanwhile,  the theme of the week seems to be 'big brother is watching you' I won't list all of the examples which come to mind as big brother is definitely watching this blog, but one that I can talk about is the ridiculous notion that the GMC will be looking at the facebook pages of potential medics to see if theyre the 'sort' they want practicing medicine. Absolutely scandalous, and that is why you will no longer find my legendary GKT movie on youtube (it had brought in about 100,000 views just from us medics in the past year!)

have a good weekend everybody!

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