james debate
james debate

Friday, 29 February 2008

Just a quick update about myself today. First off I am thinking about having a wine and cheese night one of these days. I was intending to have some kind of dinner party with a few people over but I'm having a hard time finding the time to plan this and this way I can make it a bit more focused on my true talents as a wine connoisseur. I will start telling people about it in the coming days so if I haven't spoken to you yet don't feel insulted, and if you feel a yearning for wine and cheese related knowledge ask me about it and so long as I haven't invited too many people you can come for sure.

In other less happy news there's been some talk about someone I had been seeing the last couple of weeks who now I think I'll just be staying friends with and I just wanted to clear this up and say that really nothing big happened, she's just not the right type, and I think I'd be dating her just for the sake of it, as pretty and wonderful as she is, which isn't fair, and not really what I want to be doing right now. To be frank im surprised by the interest this has generated, yes she's pretty but i'm not 14 so I have more crucial things to look for and I was rather under the impression that this was common for those of us who arent in high school :S moving on.

Had some interesting musings whilst looking at the songs charts on itunes. First of all please lets all note Duffy who is currently at number 1 spot, an artist who you will all recall i tipped for great things a couple of months ago in my big new years post. And there, as you can see, another of my predictions has come to pass. I must admit i was pleasantly surprised to see her reach such great success in a world where, quite frankly, most of the top selling songs are from artists with absolutely no talent, here is someone with bags of it, a new dusty springfield, and she's actually being appreciated by the general public. That hasn't happened for a while. (anyone who looks at the song currently in the number two spot will note that perhaps things havent changed so dramatically after all)

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