james debate
james debate

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Well there has certainly been a lot going on this week, working in the hospital at st peters which is really an amazing experience, particularly at this one with such a freeform schedule, you can wander around and do your own thing when things are going a bit slowly on your own firm. I love the people at the firm too, a good group, one or two in particular i am becoming quite fond of lol. There is a certain young lady who has a bit of a thing for me, and this one is actually single, for once. We shall see where that goes, not sure what i want to do with that, but after all I have 4 weeks there, so no rush at all.

Then comes the hosuewarming party. This was the best party I have ever thrown, and there have been some good ones. Everything was so meticulously planned and executed to near perfection. The party room was magical and atmospheric, the kitchen served as a good hub for drinks, and the inevitable overflow into my room was kept under control. I thought we would have far too much booze, and indeed we did, and still have a bit left over. We had a great group coming over, and all lovely people, it was always going to be a success from the moment things kicked off.
After much effort on my part, far too much effort, i managed to convince clio to stay at the party, and i dare say shes glad she listened to me now after how her night turned out ;) I was however surprised to find that a certain someone I have always had a thing for, who i thought was unavailable seems to be an item with someone i thought was just a friend. If i had known she was 'on th emarket' as it were I would have acted upon it, and that was really the only disappointment in a night of otherwise pure bliss.
As all good house parties, this one had a very happy ending for me. Not going to give details, but the more andmore time goes on, the more im starting to worry it was a bad move, a silly risk to take, and something from which the only possible outcome was always going to be vaguely upsetting, especially after reaching such highs, only to be inevitably plunged back down to the depths, no matter how enjoyable it was. Am i rambling? porbably. It doesnt really bother me that much, just that i dont like it when something that i think is fairly special, with someone that means a lot to me, turns out to be a mistake in their eyes. There are good reasons for this to be the case I suppose, but it doesnt help much. i think what really bugs me are some of the things that were said between us udner the influence of alcohol, and you never know how much to really listen to. Id like to think most of it was true. At least to me it will always be a lovely end to an awesome night, and im not hung up on it like i was worried i might be. god i really am melodramatic arent i. fuck it lets stick to the good stuff, the party was a smash, we will do it again, possibly xmas.

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