james debate
james debate

Monday, 15 October 2007

I know i dont show you guys nearly enough love by posting more often, but its been an especially busy two weeks now, with freshers fortnight and everything (and a little medicine). Firstly about the rest of the fortnight since last post. It was excellent. Particularly that pub crawl was stunning this year, even exceeds last year's and probably the best event i've been to. At first i was skeptical about not having the palais any more and having to hold our own 'club' as it were down at south ken. However these fears were quickly dispelled, it was awesome, nothing but imperial students, like having a private club! Rejoining my team james comrades, we pushed steadily through the pubs, meeting freshers, spending time with my daughter and the usual reynolds crew. At some point along the way i ended up getting kidnapped by dave and tash and went over to dave's place for a few rounds of the subway game before comandeering a bus to south ken for the final, and probably best, stage of the evening. The remaining festivities were similarly enjoyable but not to such a high degree, the second week coming to a frankly disappointing conclusion in the absence of adam kay, who was such a riot last year.

In other news I have been having somewhat strange dreams recently. Won't give details here but theyre about someone i know, who has a boyfriend, who im pretty sure fancies me, but ive never really had much feeling for her before... hence my confusion. And generally it felt a bit weird the dream. I wonder what the purpose of such a dream is anyway. Someone once told me that dreams were the brain's way of consolidating information collected during the day, but i find this fairly hard to believe when you consider some of my stranger dreams. For example: swinging from a chandelier in an indiana jones style temple blasting zombies with a shotgun. I would love to hear what part of my day my brain was consolidating there. In fact I'd like to open up the floor here to what some of your strangest dreams are lol, see if they can top that one for awesomeness.

til next time

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