james debate
james debate

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

happy halloween everybody. love this day, a chance to dress up which as you all know i love to do. rag blood trail tonight should be a laugh and then of course friday has the reynolds halloween bop which is always fun. for hints as to what im dressing up as, go check the roundup for today. pics will be uploaded at some point onto facebook, as per usual.

so what else is up. im moving into my flat really soon, which is awesome cant wait. went tv shopping and found myself a nice 42 inch hi def number :) samsung of course, gotta support the team (plus they seem to be the best). i told my flatmate she would be safe from my blog so no comment on her. but itll be fun. looking forward to getting the housewarming party planning underway.

in other news i find it both amusing and yet highly frustrating to note once again that i seem primarily to attract girls who already have boyfriends (not mentioning names)... like seriously to such an extent that it's not even funny anymore. i havent the faintest why. im not really the sort of guy to do that kind of thing. ill admit i did once, but it was a mistake. let that be a lesson to you; get single, then we'll talk ;)

Following on from my dream feature last edition, I had another real classic a few days (possibly weeks) ago, since my last post. I will try to recall it now as it was truly fantastic... like you could write movies based on this one lol. i might be remembering this wrong so if i am then please anyone i told this to before feel free to step in and correct me but i think it went something like this: i was on a family vacation in some small eastern bloc looking town, where a neo-fascist regime rules the town with an iron fist, and controls them through putting something in the food and water to make them subservient. somehow i got swept up into the resistance movement and spent the rest of the dream infiltrating the enemy, crawling through the jungle (in the eastern bloc i know lol) sabotaging things and being generally espionagy. was sweet.

Lastly I can not recommend the game 'portal' highly enough. It is pure distilled gaming genius, and very short, only taking a few hours to complete. Also has the best theme song that a game has ever had during the ending, though you have to have played through the game to really enjoy it.

this is Dr. Acula, signing off wishing you all a happy halloween. Bwa ha ha ha, come see me for 1001 vampire related gags.
ciao x

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