james debate
james debate

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Well as usual a lots happened in the past month, so much so that I havent been posting, annoyingly. Yu'll all be glad to hear that everythings much quieter these days, drama-wise at least. Obviously its Freshers Fortnight now so i'm getting back into the habit of getting home at late hours in an inebriated state (especially with the bloody long commute i have to do) and then waking up to make the same commute barely a few hours later. fun stuff eh?
Am enjoying meeting all the new freshers, including my daughter and two adopted sons last night, though lets face it: no matter what, it would have been fun to get back to the reynolds for copious amounts of drinking after a long summer.
It's great to see everyone from my year again too. I don't like to mention names on here so much anymore now that too many people read this lol, but im sure most of you know how much ive missed someone these past few months, who i thought i had lost because i put my trust in the wrong person. Well seeing her again this year has been lovely as before, and she clearly missed me as much too, so it's fantastic that thats all gotten back to normal and been sorted. It's not all so glorious at the other end of the spectrum however. I was very shocked this week to find myself being completely screwed over by someone who i had previously thought to be a pretty good and loyal friend, but tuned out to be quite ungrateful and generally pretty thoughtless. More than that though, it just amazes me how i always see people making the same dumb mistakes over and over, going back to people who just use them and treat them like garbage. i guess this is how you learn who's really worth your time.

anywho, if you havent already go look at my latest costume on facebook, apparently im getting a bit of a reputation for that lol. what can i say, i like to earn my discount at costume parties! tonight is the pub crawl, which if its like last year, will be awesome. my esteemed flat mate doesnt seem to want to go though so am trying to figure out who else is going. Some people are useless with phones though, cant wait until i move into my new flat :D

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