james debate
james debate

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Of course I may call it a fortress of solitude but my new flat, when eventually it is up and running, will only partially fit that description. The more I look at places the more I can see the wisdom of taking my large budget that I had, until recently, been looking to spend in Chelsea on a small place, and spending it on a much larger place near all the other medics, have the most pimpingest flat. Reminds me of Eton days when everyone would come to my room because of all there was to do there, though obviously i recognise the difference in convincing people they want to walk two doors down the hall to my room and doing the same when i live a few streets away. People are lazy, and I'm one of the worst :P

And I have indeed got the best flatmate. She was originally the first choice of course until that fell apart. Indeed since then there have been numerous suitors, many of whom (understandably) were reluctant to pay the high prices I had been looking for, but really I can't think of many other people I can see myself living with comfortably as with her. We're similar people and typically we get along great. I hope that nothing else comes between us again.
She does however request that I leave anything personal about her off this site. Actually I didn't know she ever looked at this thing, good thing I havent been slagging her off or anything :P. I of course will oblige but lets be clear that i pretty much only feel the need to write about things that interest me or piss me off, and the state of her hair generally does neither of those things ;)

Meanwhile it's been a crazy busy week, I need a good rest. I've spent pretty much every waking hour down in south london looking at flats, and in my infinite wisdom decided to see friends while I was down there, leading to complete exhaustion and falling asleep last night at an insanely early hour (11). It has been informative though. I know the area extremely well now, and quite frankly the best way to hunt for flats is to see as much as possible, and now I have seen some excellent properties, ranging from ultra modern portered buildings next to fulham broadway with underground parking, to old victorian mansions with tennis courts (surprisngly the cheapest). The latter is looking promising, though I must admit i worry about the lack of anything interesting in that area as far as restaurants and shops go.
Quite entertainingly one of my real estate agents clearly fancies me lol. Surely just her way of getting a sale but she is expressing a worrying amount of interest, going so far as to calling me today for no particular real estate-based conversation, more of a general chat about personal life. Tis funny, and nice, a shame i wont be following up on her properties, wonder how she'll react when i tell her.

So what else is there... I'm missing someone a lot right now, and her name begins with an 's'. It's not what youd expect, i really just hope we can go back to being good friends like before. I'll do anything I can to earn her trust back. I feel awful still because I trusted the wrong person and let her push me and 'S' apart. A lot of things I wish i could take back that i did last year, that one takes the biscuit. Her best friend doesnt like me very much either for some reason :S. Shocking considering the kind of lying riff raff she associates with. I still continue to have faith that people like these get their comeuppance in the end. To me it seems like they do usually. So I just hope. Those who take the time to get to know me realise what Im really like, so thats very heart warming, especially when it goes so far as to have carol's friends apologising to me for things theyve said/done because of her. You are all forgiven :) Carol is forgiven too, so long as she can just leave me alone now.
I feel somewhat unsettled at the moment, possibly because its been a really long and busy summer designed to cause settling of a world that was fast getting out of hand. That being said things are still on the up every day, and I think people now are seeing me return to my former peppiness and easy goingness that was taken from me last year. I am sorry about this because it feels to me like i let a lot of my usual personality traits slip last year with the stress certain people piled on me, I think the worry that this may have done too much damage is what is leading to my unsettled feel. Im sure all will be fine with a little time though.

I have mentioned to a few that I will be having some form of champagne based housewarming, so stay tuned for that!

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