james debate
james debate

Saturday, 8 September 2007

This is an extract from something i wrote a year ago that i never really did anything with. It did however gain mention at the gardner cup at eton. This is the intro:

I think it scared me, watching the world pass by. But that's exactly what happened, sitting there in the square. Time had been left to do its work on this secluded town unchecked, and nowhere was this more evident than here, the absolute centre of life for the denizens of Castellina in Chianti.
A church stood tall, the dominant feature of the town, looking down on the other buildings. A large Oak door provided the entrance, its surface chipped and worn, its colour faded, a large rusted handle no longer swinging proudly, now stiffened into its resting position. Of all the stone statues that used to guard this house of prayer with their cold eyes, only one remained intact.
However, in stark contrast to the crumbling square, a town flourished with life. On this New Year's Eve, I sat in that square taking in all the features surrounding me. Music resounded through the streets, a local band playing old favourites to the dancing crowds.
It was a warm Tuscan night, with barely a light breeze passing over us. Our tipple, a 1997 bottle of Chianti Classico Reserva, was fast coming to a finish. I poured the small remainder into two glasses and toasted to another wonderful year with you by my side. Your hand clasps mine, and my mouth stumbles, with words I need to say, words that must be heard. But you know them, you kiss me, you softly say, "Just watch the fireworks."

short i know, ill post more another time.

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