james debate
james debate

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

this is a new one... its along the same lines of 'the mask', an older poem of mine, but this takes it a step further. The mask was about a broken couple who pretend on the surface to want to part ways and dislike each other but underneath their pride really care about each other, and would forgive if one of them would make the first move, i might post it here later.
This one is about love, betrayal and hatred, and the same hidden message is in this one too, except actually hidden within the poem itself to take it to the next level (the hint is in the last line- sort of a message to the ex lover).

Brittle red juice box no good to me.
Core of my self and giver of fire,
Purple sticky tender, without, a blank canvas ;
Listlessly enthused with passion lifted to the brim.

Every desire, what you want must be.
Out from the deep for all to bear
Drink it in slowly, never had it better;
But evanescent sip is better when it's shared with two.

All the wrong kids come looking to see.
I pick the wrong one and open up the cart,
Hand it straight over, caution to the wind;
Imbibe it in the park and then we'll save the rest for night.

Under this spell, so sweet and sticky
I can't break free, even if I try.
Where manifestations sharp in tint of rosoideae,
And phantoms shriek at deafened bark.
My juice box gone, and I alone,
A spell deformed, vanquished and twisted

To lies and betrayal, but still maybe
Some justice come, for stolen shine
Lick these wounds darker, stewing up the hatred
One day you will get it, I listen to my head unwind:

You still have me, you still have the key.
I hold it close, as hopes renew,
But never to forget, no never let it slip
I'm digging in a hole, in hopes that I will reach the light.
And what do I say, if I see you again?
The Beauty is in the beginnings, before they turn sick.

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