james debate
james debate

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Well after reaching the lowest of a long series of low points this summer with exams, which I have since found out was down to a stupid accident, something clicked inside me and I knew at once what I had to do.
My life has fallen apart, if my old self from Eton saw me now hed kick the crap out of me. As such I've now taken up the task of taking back control of my life and to do this I have written up a 12 point plan of what needs to be done to return my life back to its former high.

As such this is a busy busy summer and I find myself swamped with work and various projects and was not expecting much fun or socialising to take place as a sacrifice. However this is not coming to plan, with various people inviting me to various countries, movies, nights out, etc etc.

As such I am definitely going to america and Italy, and have been invited to hong kong and france. I probably won't go to hong kong and as for france, i am not so sure anymore because that particular girl tends to get a bit weird occasionally.
The worst part though is that one of these girls I am absolutely crazy about. And somehow this angel used to like me too, but following a carol-related incident I have now lost her. The two of us are becoming friends again, and I have high hopes for the future, but can't say now what will happen. Even if it doesn't go back to how it was I still miss her so much as a friend.

Meanwhile certain former friends of mine seem to be blanking me. They know who they are and I can't for the life of me figure out why, as I didn't speak to them all that much and certainly not enough to have offended them, i dont think. This is up to them, but right now I have business to take care of.

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